Race Report : Tallmadge Memorial 5K

On Memorial Day, I started things off with a hot and sweaty run in a neighboring city. I’ve run this race in the past, alone and with my family. I think I’ve skipped it the last year or two. The first year I skipped, they gave out tanks instead of shirts and I kicked myself for it the whole year! This time around I signed up early at the Retro Sign Up day and managed to score entry and a sweet jacket for $20.oo. Below is a stock image of the jacket. Same color, but ours have a logo.

I knew just where to park from past years and as this race has separate races (starts) for men and women, with women being first, it was smooth sailing walking to the packet pickup too. On my way to get my stuff I slipped an allergy pill in my pocket, but did not end up needing it.

The race begins at 7:45 for the females. Walking around I ran into my friend Kathy and then Tap and finally Holly…who I called Heidi and as a girl with a sister who has been called the wrong name a lot, I know it’s OK and I know it sucks anyway. It was already super humid and warm when the race started and I was wondering how I would feel mile after mile. I didn’t have Garmin or an IPOD with me and it seemed too hot to carry my phone for such a short race. We began and I tried to settle into a comfortable pace. My secret goal was to try to pace with Holly because she has been running the pace I wanted based on her Facebook status updates. Within the first few hundred yards I could tell she was ahead, but not by much and I agreed to not get too worked up. Eventually I lost sight of her.

Here is a video clip of the first turn, just before hitting mile 1.  The viedos were uploaded to Picasa, forgive the poor link and poor quality. If you click the “image” below it will take you to the video, I make my appearance around the 20 second mark. Please help me figure out WTF I’m doing or more so NOT doing with my lower body.One thing I have to say is this race made sure there was plenty of water on route. By the time mile 1 appeared there were 2 different stations. Station #2 was awesome because the cups had some ice cubes. I played with the cube in my mouth up through the development to the turnaround point.

Back onto the road (after another water stop and of course a few sprinklers) we dip down into another development. There is a quick burst of a downhill before you round the bend and follow a gradual uphill for about half a mile. This hill has killed me SO MANY TIMES in the past. I might not be able to PR, I might not be proud of my finish, but gosh-darn-it I was going to run that hill! When I posted a finish pic later this is the response I received…made my day!

Boo-ya! I ran that hill! Haha sorry Tonya, if we knew we knew each other we could have used the support.

From that point it’s the home stretch and I was geared up to finish as close to the men as possible. See the staggered start I mentioned? Men start 30 minutes after the females…for many this means they run an all female course. As I was approaching the end a girl I was leap frogging since the hill started to sprint into the finish. I knew neither of use was placing, but my pride couldn’t let her win. I full on sprinted all the way to the end, out-kicking poor girl in orange with the Ohio tattoo. According to the results I beat her by literally 1 second and she is Maria, nice hustle girl!

Upon finishing I knew I had way too much let in my tank and need to leave more of it out on the course. Time for speed-work me thinks….Regardless I was pleased the men were delayed or something and I managed to finish as they were starting, so my goal of not sharing the course with them was achieved. I wandered around a little after and ate a bagel and drank some Gatorade. I ran into Niall and chatted with him, as well as chatting with Mickey (Race Director) and standing under the sprinkler tent. All in all it was a wonderful event. Of course the all you can eat free pancake breakfast after certainly seals the deal.

I placed 201 out of 361 total women. 34/44 in my age group. Honestly, I was disappointed in my performance. Sure I managed to come in just under 32 minutes and have around a 10 minute pace, but I want to be faster. I’ve been hovering around the 31/32 minute mark for a few weeks now and it’s time to kick it over (under) back to less than 30.

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