Race Report : Fishcreek Raccoon Run 5K

After April RAINN, I was supposed to head up to the 24hour endurance race to volunteer/pace/whatever. Well, as it was snowing on and off, and then raining on and off, and it was an hour drive, I opted not to attend. Mom and I had lunch and we went shopping where I bought a $5 jump drive (now I can work on ROJ at work on lunch breaks) and a $15 tent. There is no purpose to the tent other than I have ALWAYS wanted one and now I have one. Emme tested, Emme approved too. Although I put it up in my living room (to make sure I knew how) I promise I slept in my real bed upstairs.

OK, not the point though! The point isssssss I decided on a last minute whim to run a 5K the next morning. Sunday April 29, I attended the first annual Fishcreek Raccoon Run 5k!

The school for this race is where I spent my first, second and third grade years. It’s also within walking distance of my house. The park where we started and finished has the Dog Park (Bow Wow Beach) where I take Em and is within biking distance. I still had some run in me and I decided it was a good thing to support.

Although I am always nervous about first year events being run poorly, this was outweighed by the hope it would be mostly kids and their parents and I would place. We’re nothing, but honest here at ROJ.

Continuing with honesty…I overslept and  there was frost on the ground and on my car..so I drove…very quickly to the place for the parking and I booked it over the fields to register. The sheet said there was a STRICT cutoff for day of registration of 7:15. Yikes! I forgot my Garmin (grr) which meant I’d be running almost naked! Luckily I did have my IPOD. I really hate running roads without it. Nothing good to look at or listen to like on the trails.

Standing in line to get my stuff, I was in front of one man and his child. Immediately he said “I knew they were going to run this horribly” or some such nonsense with meaner words. Excuse me, but this race has been advertised for months. You are under 30 minutes away from the start, they’re being SO NICE by not kicking us out of line for missing the deadline. Everything in this scenario where you’re inconvenienced is 100% your fault, not the race being run poorly. /EndRant

The three of use were the last to get in for “day of” and I was pleased to still get a shirt!  In the parking lot was a giant inflated bulldog head, one you could walk/run through and I really wanted a photo op, and was sad I forgot to grab my phone or a camera. Eventually I wondered to the start where I sucked it up and took off my coat. I stood there in my pants and tank top…yes I wore my Team Tough Chik tank top. Next to me people had on fleece pants and winter coats. Full on fur faced, hoods up, winter coats. I was doomed.

Where’s ROJ? Front row, blue tank on the end

We took off only a few minutes after the 8:00 listed start time. So far this race was doing really well for year #1. We ran down a main road for over a mile. Per the people calling times (love that) I ran mile 1 in 10:00. A lil slower than my dream pace, but HELLO there were little hills and I ran a trail race the day before!

A fellow Grunt Girl passed me and I said “Hello Grunt Girl” because I only saw her back. She turned around and was surprised to see me. Since my music was on I missed a chunk of what she said, but essentially she didn’t know it was me due to my different tank…and then made a comment about how back to back races sure is being ‘tough’. It made me smile and put an extra boost in my gas tank!

A loop through the school’s driveway for some water and I told myself to pick up the pace. IPOD provided me with song after song of steady beats and I quickened my pace as best as I could feel. Mile 2 came around at 20:30 so a 10:30 pace…not too bad, but it was time to get serious. I was sweating now and the salt was in my eyes. I pushed myself down a hill, passing 3-4 other ladies and told myself not to let them gain on me again.

Throughout the whole course it was amazing how many volunteers and police were on course helping to direct traffic and keep everyone safe. In other news…it was painful as we went down the paved path, but I kept telling myself to be strong, be confident, be beautiful. I powered up a hill, more of a ramp, to get from the bike path to the road and was surprised how easily I made the climb. One woman did pass me and I chased her little purple jacket self as best as I could all the way to the finish…which was ANOTHER hill.

Purple blew past me as I almost lost my power, then when another girl in green that I had passed was gaining on me I thought “OH NO! THIS ISN’T HAPPENING” and I kicked it so hard into the chute.

Look in the back on the left, you can see the 2 of us “racing”
I never open my eyes for things, and green shirt is behind me!
LOVE this shot. Not only is my expression priceless, the stank eye from green shirt is awesome too!

I finished in what looked like 31:38. I was irritated I had such a kick left, I wonder if I could have pushed harder on the course the whole time? Official results (posted a week later, tsk tsk, say I finished in 31:31)

I was super please though, to have taken so much time off a 5K from the weekend before and this was AFTER a race the day before. Makes me think I’ll be back to sub 30 in no time and who knows what’s next?

The race was run wonderfully until the awards (IMHO). The awards were delayed sooooo long and when they called the names it was sooooo long I wanted to scream or cut someone. As they did 10 year age brackets your truly did not win a thing! While I was waiting though a nice couple took my picture with the raccoon and texted it to me.

Thanks for a fun race Fishcreek Raccoons!

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