Oranges Indeed

1. My back still hurts. Now for multiple reasons. I am really mad about this, it is no longer cute. I only have 10 weeks for this program and I feel like I can’t take full advantage because I have a pinched nerve! Not to worry though, I am not being stupid and I am taking it easy. I did weights and strength only this week, and under the supervision of my trainer who knew my pain and would modify as needed. I didn’t run or do machines or swim. Monday I did not swim because there was a lightening storm and they closed the pool (indoor…is that weird?) Wednesday I did not swim because I felt just out of sorts. Along those lines…it’s umm that week and normally I just take the whole week off, curl up in comfy clothes and eat chocolate. Not an option.


2. On a positive note, this means I will be well rested for the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Indianapolis on Saturday! I am beyond excited for this event. Not only does this mean a vacation, running my first mud run and obstacle run, but I am representing FitFluential and traveling with the one and only Banana BuzzBomb !  We are riding high class in….wait for it….A CHEVY EQUINOX.


Obviously this isn’t the exact car we’re taking. Chevy has generously offered to supply the vehicle to the FitFluentials going on road trips for this event, in exchange for our conversations about how awesome it is…and I’m sure it will be! The car arrives at my place tomorrow and I will have it until Monday. Squeeee!

3. I had a wonderful time at the Yoga grand opening last Saturday. After my trail race (report pending) I went over to Nishkama Yoga for their celebration. Technically they started April first, and I even attended a blogger meet up prior to Forget the PR. This was the official party though and I was super excited to be able to attend.

I arrived in time to chill in the lobby for a lil while and talk with a few ladies about the practice of yoga and life. Then I wondered back to the food set up and chatted up Alicia aka Poise in Parma, and a few other instructors. There was a delicious taco bar and fresh foods from Whole Foods. Yours truly supplied the Smart Stuff Marathon Bars!

For their opening all classes were free! I attended a chant around noon. Where a phrase was repeated 108x wishing wellness and health. I learned the rope of beads people were holding while chanting and rocking were actually a way to count the number of times you have chanted. I could not pronounce the words or keep up, so I sat quietly and reflected. The number of people chanting in a room with so much wood created a memorizing vibration.

After the chant I was able to do Yoga Basics. I knew a lot of the moves, so it wasn’t challenging in that aspect, but holding the poses for so long was unusual for me. The instructor was great and really moved people around to get into the right posture. Near the end (Savasana) I fell asleep a few times….haha..guess I needed it?

Next I attended Vinyasa Yoga. I really liked this version a lot. It was the type of yoga I used to practice in the past, but didn’t realize it had a special name. Lots of flow and constant movement. I feel like a wave when I am in class and I want to be a sexy, bendy, noodle.

My final class…yes I stayed for over 3 hours…was Restorative Yoga. Given I wasn’t up for much more twisting since my back was still pinched, I thought it would help. This class was super comfortable. We did maybe 5-6 poses total, and held them for so long. Each pose was supported with blocks and blankets and our bodies. By the end I could feel all the ways my body had stretched and sank into the poses, really granting me relaxation and movement for the remainder of my day. Not to mention how clear my mind felt too.

Thanks for the opening ladies, I wish you all the best with your new studio.

OK chime in folks. Do you hate PMS? Yours? Someone else’s? Have you done a mud run? Any tips? How many hours have you done yoga in a row? What is your favorite variation?

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  1. So so excited to hear about your FitFluential road trip! And thanks again for coming out on Saturday – I was so excited for you to get to try all three classes. It was even better to get to chat with you during the lunch break!!

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