LiteStyles, the Journey Begins

Now that the cat’s out of the bag and everyone knows I’ve made this commitment to fitness & wellness, I feel obligated/honored to take the time to better explain what the next 2 months will hold for me. As luck would have it I am doing two different challenges simultaneously.

1) The Under Armor What’s Beautiful campaign. Over the next 9 weeks I will work toward my goal of completing 100 push ups. During the journey I will be posting various photos and videos per their challenge guidelines showing my progress, commitment and influence. Ultimately several women will be chosen as ambassadors for Under Armor in 2013, but I want to use the process to better myself regardless if I make it to the next round or final rounds.

2) I am doing a 10-week “LiteStyles” program through my employer. This is what today’s post will feature…

LiteStyles is a unique 10-week program combining diet and exercise. Participants will work with registered dieticians and personal trainers, everything is sponsored by and supervised through a local hospital. Week 1 is for pre assessments/measurements, week 10 is for final assessments/measurements. During the in-between, I will attend 8 diet/nutrition classes with topics including Metabolism, Grocery store/Eating out, Superfoods and Meal Planning. Each person also keeps a food log and on various weeks the RD (who is the teacher) will evaluate what the person is eating and give pointers on adjustments if the person is not meeting goals.

Everyone is welcome to eat in their own way, advice is only advice, but we also have access to an online program called BioLite. When I use it more (we get our log-in on Thursday) I will write more details, but from what I understand it is an online program (also through the hospital) where you put in your preferences/needs and it will generate recipe ideas and meal plans. Ideally, a person will have a grocery list to create 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, all healthy and in proper portions. This is most certainly the route I’ll be taking a majority if not all of the weeks ahead.

For the exercise component we work with a Certified Personal Trainer. It is not one on one, but small groups of 2-3 people. Monday was my first session and our third was not there, which was nice to be able to keep a quicker rotation of moves. We worked on whole body movements using weights, medicine balls, and our own bodies. We meet 2 nights a week for 16 total sessions. On personal training days we will work on strength and toning (all over body) with the option to focus on certain features where appropriate. Outside of this training we are required to do two other workouts, with emphasis on aerobic activity. The facility welcomes us before or after our session and on one other day. Meaning we have to be solo one day a week. I’m thinking the three days I hit the gym for weights/tone/etc I will also take advantage of the pool.

My pre assessment was last Thursday 4/26 where I performed some fitness tests, had my blood drawn (sorta) and had measurements taken. As scary as this is for me, I am about to be 100% honestwith the numbers. Some may be a little off as I was not allowed to keep the chart…we do get a copy of everything at the end.


Height & Weight
5’1” and 147 pounds

Body fat


Chest: 39″
Waist:  35″
Hips:  43″

Resting Heart Rate
80-something…also not valid as it was taken after I just briskly walked for 10 minutes to the location. Hmmm

Heart Rate after 3 minute step-test

Crunches performed in 1 minute

Push ups performed in 1 minute
20 (on knees)

Sit and Reach

“Bad” Cholesterol (LDL)
203 … actually this may be total, so don’t freak out quite yet…

“Good” Cholesterol (HDL)

Blood Pressure

Those are the numbers I can recall. I was embarrassed by the flexibility and push ups. I was DEVASTATED by the cholesterol! That my friends is ALL MY FAULT, my terrrrrible dieting choices. Genetics and exercise granted me the “good” stuff which does help and keeps me from being a cardiac risk, but the “bad stuff” is100% my choices. You can’t outrun a poor diet. More fiber, and overall better options and I should be able to bring that down by the end of the 10 weeks.

Wish me luck?

I don’t know if luck matters at this point, I’m too old and know way too much to be this senseless with my health.

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  1. way to get committed with some serious plans! i will be posting about this tomorrow. Really this challenge has got me so motivated to make changes and reach my goals! can't wait to follow your progress!!

  2. your commitment sounds incredible!!! im excited to follow you and cheer you on through the next weeks 🙂 you are strong and I know you will come out of this stronger than ever!

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