Race Report : CWRRC Spring Classic 5K

Over the weekend I took part in the Cleveland West Road Runner’s Spring Classic. “Back in the day” I say in my best radio announcer voice…there were options for 5K or a half marathon. This race was a mirror of the fall classic. However the half marathon option in the spring wasn’t the best in the long run (no pun intended) so it was changed to a 10 mile option and it’s been a hit ever since!

Race shirt from this year…pic doesn’t do the green justice.

If you read past reports (2010, 2011) I generally have the same reviews.

1) There are a lot of kids…unless you’re a front of the pack runner, you will be dodging children left and right.

someecards.com - Sorry I kicked your kid out of my way on my run but I was concerned about slowing down and my heart rate dropping.

Obviously the above card is not representative of my true feelings. These events are a source for children to come and run. I need to keep this in mind. While I have a race nearly every weekend, and I run several times during the week (in a perfect world) the children who attend this race simply do not have access to what I take for granted. And for anyone complaining that this could/should be someone’s A-race I say…stop it. Just stop it. Pick another race and let the kids have their day.

Organizations such as Girls on the Run have participated in past events. 2012 was no exception, although I am embarrassed to admit I do not know who was there this time. The group was We Run This City, per their site “The We Run This City Youth Marathon Program (WRTC) is a collaboration between the YMCA of Greater Cleveland, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, the Cleveland Department of Public Health and Case Western Reserve University Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods.

While I was slightly annoyed at times during the race, all I needed to do was listen for 10 seconds and I was smiling again. Each kid would call to the others, cheer their friends on, laugh and joke and smile and struggle with pride. When all was said and I done I heard declarations of “I am so PROUD of myself right now” or “I never felt so GOOD about something” as they showed their finisher medals to each other.

2) It’s “easy” to place.

Proudly displaying my 3rd place age group award

While it’s “easy” to place for some age groups, this is because (see #1) it’s a race that draws local communities and the younger audience. It’s held within the Metropark at Bonnie Picnic Area in Strongsville. There is also a limit to how many people can take part in the event. Not to mention, this year it was rather chilly and wet. Not full on raining during the event, but drizzling.

I’m pleased to report, I took 3rd in my age group. In the past I’ve taken 1st with a time of 30 minutes plus for a 5K. Actually this year for my age group the 1st and second place was a difference of .4 seconds. I’m not even kidding.

1:  30:28.1
2:  30:28.5
3:  32:41.6

I won’t lie though, I was a tad sad about my time. My first mile I cleared in 9:43 and felt strong, (in 2011 I ran the first mile in 9:49). Somehow I didn’t keep it up though and mile 2 was around 10:30 and well, you see the end result. Don’t get me wrong I’m not crying this time. Truthfully, this is difficult to push through…but as you can see/read…I am pushing. BTW … dang how does 3 miles of road beat me up more than 16 trails? Ouchie. Mad props to the road runners out there.

General comments? Well, at the start of the race I was chatting with a few people who were standing near me. I know, me being randomly social and nice? Unheard of! The one girl looked really familiar to me, and she said the same of me, but she was from Columbus so I do not know. I even looked up her name and do not know her by her last name either. Part of me wanted to ask if she follows blogs, but I would have felt like a tool if she said no and I was trying to act like I was “someone”. Haha.

Later after the race I was talking to another random woman and she commented how she saw me during the race. Her explanation was how I have a very noticeable and unique uniform. Team Marathon Bars, representing!

Also…like the white socks? My new Zensah compression socks? More to come on those later.

Here are my final comments. The SWAG situation. LOVED they were marking bibs and checking how much food people were taking after the race. I always felt bad for the slower runners or the long distance runners who came back to picked over options. The shirts were magnificent! Really wonderful. Great design, great cut, great price. That being said. I hate how the shirts are first come first serve on race day. If someone preregisters their shirt should be set aside and guaranteed. I register early for any race to know I’ll get a spot and swag, save some money, and so I can “sleep-in” since I do not need to arrive for registration time. Several years I’ve lost out on a great shirt from these races because I arrived “too late”, THERE SHOULD NOT BE A TOO LATE FOR EARLY REGISTRATION. If I didn’t love CWRRC and I didn’t love their members I would stop going to this race simply for this reason alone it annoys me to that level.

Run any run races lately? Do you get annoyed with children or adults with “questionable” race etiquette? What’s your SWAG annoyance?

6 thoughts on “Race Report : CWRRC Spring Classic 5K

  1. I think it is so dangerous to put kids mixed in with adult runners… Big pet-peeve of mine. They could get hurt and it is really difficult to try and pass them because, blees their hearts, they don't understand racing etiquette. Congratulations on you AG placement! It sounds like it was a fun race.

  2. Oh the KidsKomments 🙂 made me grin.

    I can see if I were a hardcorerunner it could be annoying. But I'm not. And I do love me some kids.

  3. That is fantastic! Be happy of rocking the AG placement… that is a stellar accomplishment that most of us might not ever get. Don't call it “easy.” Running is never easy. It takes an effort on race day and more of an effor to get there. Continue to be proud. Great post!

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