Nuun Hood to Coast Application

Last night I finished my application for one of the THREE all female, all blogger teams Nuun is sponsoring for Hood to Coast in August.

I’ve never applied for something like it before. 1) I never believed I was good enough. 2) I couldn’t stand the way I came across on camera and was again uncertain of any skills I possessed to make a different entry.

Yesterday, I filmed myself in ONE take. I’ve learned through the few videos I’ve made this year I come across best when I just turn on the camera and talk. Being scripted or doing it over seems too stiff and forced. Years ago I learned giving speeches works best when I have a general idea and speak from the heart.Ā  Obviously I do well, so why not use the same logic for films? Yes, I do take time to edit and snip out blips or unneeded segments. And you know what it works!

As everyone else is sharing, so will I. Behold my entry. Originally it was longer and included many other stops within the tour. Then I realized it’s a highlight not an autobiography. Also, this is about running, not every sport ever to wiggle it’s way into my life. An example of a cut segment? The bike in my kitchen.

Also, I know it’s long, but I’m entertaining and you don’t realize the time is passing.

Hopefully everyone has a lovely weekend. I was able to run 5 great trail miles on the Perkins Loop Saturday morning with Gale and Stephe. Then I picked up my Mom and Emme and we ran 2 more trail miles over in Munroe Falls, before walking 2 miles also in the general area. Nine total miles for me! Plus a delicious lunch! Oh and the dishes FINALLY were washed Saturday afternoon along with packing my trunk kit for summer sports. One of those things took over 2 hours, one of those things brings me great joy. Sunday I decided to stay in bed. Hey why not? Then watched TV and headed over to Mom’s for Easter dinner and laundry.

Leave a comment if you also applied, love to spread the love.

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