Dusting Off My Yoga Mat

My My My did I have a busy weekend. Before I move on, as many are wondering, I DID complete my 25K, that story to be posted tomorrow.

My plan had been for weeks to cut out after work and head down to Mohican State Park for a weekend of “camping” and relaxation for the Sunday race. This was until I heard on the radio as a friendly reminder taxes are due and I realized I never finished mine. Yikes! Friday suddenly became taxes and other odds and ends night. Which was probably good, because I was able to get extra sleep.

The other reason it was good is because I was freed up for Saturday to go see Alicia and take part in her blogger meet up for her yoga studio, Nishkama Yoga: http://nishkamayoga.com.

OK it isn’t her personal place, she’s the Director of Operations for their two locations. Meet up was at 12:30 with class at 1:00. I arrived on time!! And enjoyed talking with many of the lovely ladies (and Brandon) I know from OBA or from various other encounters.


The class was a little more than basic yoga, but luckily a lot of my former training kicked in as we were moving along. Each teacher has their style and their names for poses, despite how names should be universal (IMHO).  I always fear being pointed out as doing something “wrong”, but the other students were carefree and supportive, the instructor was totally professional and helpful as well. She is hands-on, but only when needed.

I really enjoyed finding my happy place and controlling my breathing. To step outside of the world for a moment and only be aware of my body was long over due. Although I was annoyed I am not as flexible as I once was, but that is “easily” corrected. Easily because I can practice yoga more, not easily because well, we all know how good I am at keeping to a schedule. Plus this location was an hour drive for me. Boo (boo because I loved it so much!)

If you’re in the Cleveland or Akron area and you do not have plans for Cinco De Mayo, AKA May 5th. Mark your planners to attend their Grand Opening Community Day Celebration. Classes are FREE all day long! You can find more info over at the FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/261532170600787/

Do you practice yoga? Why or Why not?

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  1. I'm so happy you were able to join us this weekend. I know the North Olmsted spot is a bit far, but the Independence one isn't quite as much of a drive. Let me know if you'd like to meet up there sometime so we can get you back to being fully flexible!!

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