Do I Become Annoyed Too Easily?

Sometimes I feel like my brain is broken, because I don’t see things the same way as others.

Annoyance#1? People bond together and fight against an injustice and I seriously become beyond annoyed with the situation. 90% of the time I just want to scream and say “Stop it! Stop taking yourself and everything else so seriously! Get a freaking life.” Guess what? EVERYTHING is offense to someone. Unless someone is actually being harmed, give it a rest. Here is my latest encounter with this idea.

The Rock N Roll Marathon Series updated their cover photo this week featuring “Blondie”

Included on the page was this gem of an intro: Meet Blondie. She’s a blonde, spandex-wearing bombshell who has a serious love for scrunchies and Jazzercise. Blondie will be gracing the top of our page for the next six weeks. To see more of her each week, and get all the hairspraying and thigh-master advice you’ll ever need – plus tips on picking up a catch like her on your next morning jog – stay tuned to this page!

Personally it lit up my day! I thought it was beyond funny and a total throw back. If all races had this much silliness I would be broke paying to support them. Myself and 8 total people “liked” the photo. Over 30 people commented saying it was an “Epic Fail” and “Disgrace to women athletes”.

I will not get into all the ways it could be seen as offensive, because I think people are grasping at straws. If you’re bothered by this brief campaign it speaks more about you than it does about the company.

Annoyance #2? The following photo has been floating around “proving” how horrible fast food is for you because in this experiment it did not mold/decay.

If you do a Google search countless articles will appear explaining why this is just silly…my favorite article was from The Skeptical Teacher with the following quote (emphasis mine):

Of course, all of these arguments are variations on the naturalistic fallacy, and they can be easily disproven with some simple experimentation.  In fact, a number of home-grown experiments have been performed which show that the reason why McDonald’s food, and any kind of food for that matter, doesn’t decompose in these examples is because it is allowed to dry out.  And if you know anything about preserving food (hint: think beef jerky), one way to do it is to simply dehydrate it.  If the food dries out, then there is no moisture to support the growth of mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms which would otherwise decompose it.  Essentially, the food is mummified.

I don’t recall where I was, but years ago I was at a museum where they had a display of “How Food Breaks Down” or some such nonsense. It showed food on two sides of a glass case. Inside were pieces of meat, fruits, milk or juice, really a variety of foods. Both sides exactly the same, only one side had not been touched at all, and for the other side every item had been sipped or had a bite taken out of it. The pure side was fine, a little mold, but nothing too shocking. The side with the slight interaction? Totally decayed and nasty. Now, the point of this display was to highlight the important role saliva plays in breaking down our food and how important it is to chew completely before swallowing to aid in digestion. However, remembering how good everything looked, much like the above photos, even though it was “natural” food, always lead me to think photos like these are scare tactics.

I’ll leave it at those two.

Do you ever feel like you’re against the crowd with your reactions?

3 thoughts on “Do I Become Annoyed Too Easily?

  1. YES! Life is too short for everyone to take everything so seriously. Blondie is adorable. If it offends someonthrush they have their own issues. Thanks for explaining the McDonalds thing as well. I don't eat McDonalds food that often but I am against all the constant hate they are shown on a daily basis on every social media site. No one is forcing anyone to eat there…..stop sharing the same anti-Mickey Dees pics on my Facebook newsfeed because odds are 12 other friends have shared it before you did. Do I sound annoyed? lol.

  2. yes. i have definitely felt like this before! or sometimes i often just dont even have a reaction because i dont think its a big deal…and then i am surprised when people freak out about it!?! its weird!

  3. Great post. I'm with you on the first one… EVERYTHING can be offensive, you just have to pick a side and point hard and talk loudly… what-evs. RnR events have become so expensive and so large… that might be a factor in people taking aim.

    And if you needed a picture to tell you that fast food might not be the best thing for you to eat… well, at least now you know.

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