CRTR Egg Hunt and Trail Run Report

Thursday night I ventured out into the world with my Mom. Earlier in the afternoon I called and gave her a guilt trip about not wanting to go to the egg hunt at Lock 29 with the Crooked River Trail Runners. Last year she joined for the first time and I thought it seemed like we had a blast! Mind you she hated the nearly 5 miles of trails lol and I might have gotten over zealous and left her behind a few times that year as well. At the end we were all smiles and eggs though! Same as the year before!

Egg Run 2012
Egg Run 2011

I wore my bright pink, Will Run for Cupcakes, BondiBand, not realizing it has been a year since I won it as a prize with the Cupcake Marathon Virtual Run! I also wore a bright pink shirt, but it was chilly so the jacket busted a move.

Mom and I arrived at Lock 29 with lots of moments to spare. We walked up to the train tracks and waited for all to gather. I was able to chit chat with Kali for a while and we also saw Katrina and a few others. Jim made us all suffer in the cold while we thanked sponsors…just teasing, sponsors deserve all that and more! A wonderful girl donated a few bunny ears, so after the group photo, Mom and I grabbed a set and we were off!

Bottom right corner…if you can’t find Waldo err me.
People as far as the eyes and camera can see

We pounded up initiation hill, with Mom convinced her heart was going to stop. Strangely, mine is still going strong, and I shouldn’t take that for granted! At the top the “5” milers went right on the Buckeye trail, the “3” milers went left. Obviously Mom and I opted for left. She told me as we approached the committee directing traffic, that they would remember her and tease her for being slow. I convinced her they had better things to do than remember someone from a year ago and no one wold tease her anyway and this was a no negative self talk zone. When we reached the people they looked at us and said “Hey! No leaving your Mom behind this year”! Ha! They did remember us…only they don’t recall Mom being slow, they recall me being a bad daughter. #FAIL.

Through Buckeye over to the Valley trail on what is one of my favorite sections of the BT. I ran it many a time training for the 50K last year and there is something perfect about the change in terrain and everything else. My least favorite spot though is also in this section. A stream crossing is anything, always muddy and always a trick. Too far to leap across, not very steady to run down and up again. It’s a rather steep jump for anyone and for someone shorter it’s a bit of a climb back out the other side. Mom was slowly making her way around/through when Mark P showed up with his kids and was showing off making it look easy. I was standing on the side “yelling” at my Mom to just GET IN THE MUD.

Back on course again it wasn’t long before we happened upon a strange scene…Easter Eggs!

So I stopped and picked out a good one. This year Mom and I went for purple shells.

Our race was more than just fun though, I kept her moving through the trails at a reasonable pace. First mile (with the massive hill) we finished around 17 min, mile 2 was around 15 mins, mile 3 was close to 13! Go Mom go! Here is where it gets tricky though…we were only supposed to do three. And as the path kept going and we knew the watch had already announced 3, we both became aware of the measuring inconsistencies.

Mom kept in good spirits, we chatted. I was in excellent spirits for myself because the whole time I had been running and I felt goooood. We completed our journey around 1 hour for a total of 4 miles and I felt like I hadn’t been running at all. THIS IS A GREAT THING! I’m super excited for my weekend training run(s) now and even more excited for Forget the PR 25K next weekend.

After the run Mom and I joined everyone over at Fisher’s for food and TV and raffle prizes. I won a water bottle. Well, I won a prize and chose the water bottle. It’s insulated CamelBak so it’s nice. The other things to chose from included hats, cup cozies, shirts in size L or above and a race entry for a weekend I’m already booked. I really wanted this shirt too, but when I held it up it went past my knees! Luckily for me it is in stock on the Akron Marathon website!

Hopefully everyone else had a wonderful week of training and life. Be safe this weekend too. My plans are a 5 mile trail hike/run with the pup on Saturday at our own time and pace. Sunday I am meeting up with a group from Fleet Feet for 8-10 miles of trails. It’ll be my first time with this group, they promise a pace buddy for all. Saturday is also the day of cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom. Sunday is the day of eating delicious food. Oh yea and isn’t The 10 Commandments on this weekend? I’m not very religious, but I love that movie.

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