Apparently, I Can Talk To The Dead?

I’m a little late posting about my meet up the other weekend at Insight Wellness Center.

Insight provides a wide range of services including acupuncture, massage therapy, reflexology, reiki and yoga. 


This is in NO WAY a reflection on them or their services, and totally because I have been stuck in my own head, freaking out about things I was told while there. I had a fabulous time at the exclusive blogger #MeetEatTweet. Many of you saw the pictures on my Facebook page.

I arrived at the site moments before the event was to begin, because that’s how I roll, you’re lucky I wasn’t late. Earlier that morning I had driven to Cleveland to take part in the Half Ass Half Marathon, where I ran 6 successful road miles. All day I kept thinking this was a yoga meet up and I could roll in wearing my work out clothes. Shortly before leaving my house I checked my invite and to my total embarrassment I noticed it was nothing of the sort! A quick shower and change later I was out the door and on my way.

Alice was the only person I knew who was hosting and I was able to get in on this opportunity after meeting her in January at the OBA meet up. See what networking can do for you? In fact I was hesitant to attend, because as much as I love natural healing, health food and wellness, it isn’t my forte and I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in. I wanted to support local friends though, and figured stepping outside my comfort zone wouldn’t be a total disaster.

Alice maintains a local practice as an Associate at Insight Wellness and Learning Center.  Alice is the author of the new Reiki resource, Practical Reiki TM: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health. A guide to a simple, revolutionary energy healing method. Reiki touched Alice’s life unexpectedly.  Let her touch yours at


While there I was able to sample wonderful foods or services from a variety of vendors and more importantly get to meet the people behind the product. Some simply gave us a sample of their food and explained why they started their business, how they’re different from others on the market, and their goals for the future. Many of us sat around and also received demonstrations of Reiki or discussed the ins and outs of yoga and aroma therapy.

Marni Task, Cleveland’s premier yogini and popular yoga teacher is the creator of Indu lotion, designed to enhance your feelings of well-being.  The essential oils in Indu were selected for their specific aromatic properties.  Unlock your potential with this vibrant essence at


Twenty-4 Zen Gluten Free Granola (orange table):  Gluten free can taste delish! Three flavors you won’t find anywhere else:  Mild Chili Mango, Slightly Salted Chocolate Chunk and Lemon Ginger.  Created by Raizel Michelow MA certified Master Aromatherapist.  For Raizel, finding unique flavor and fragrance combinations is an adventure.  Follow her on her journey at or http://www
Dove Chocolate Discoveries, Jody Morgan (white table):  Mom, chocolatier extraordinaire, blogger ,volunteer for the ADAMHS Board & UHCAN Ohio. She enjoys reading, cooking, writing, social media and spending time with friends and family. More about Jody at


Aline  Magnotto is a clever lady.  She added spelt, kamut and a unique blend of grains  including kamut and spelt and veggies to create a high quality healthy pasta for her family.  Now she shares MagNoodles with the world.  Find out more at
Connie Dohan, Amid Angels.  Light worker and energy healer, teacher,  author speaker and mentor.  Connie is a clair cognizant Intuit, Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor, Reiki Master – Huna & Kundalini, Chios Master Teacher, C.E.L.T. Grand Master, Munay-Ki Mentor.  Add retired RN to her vitae


Note this final picture, the expression on my face tells you how I was at the point where I was no longer amused. While out in the lobby listening to Marni speak and enjoying the smell of a spring rain, Connie began to try Reiki on me. I promised I was open to the idea, but I honestly could not feel anything happening. In the course of her work she asked/guessed/revealed I had recently undergone a medical procedure. She asked if I felt “off” and explained my feeling of being off was because there was a piece of me missing. A piece that went haywire when in the hospital and without drastic interventions and SOON I would never feel like myself again and I would keep feeling worse.

Well, she was right about 1 thing, I don’t feel like my old self. However, she was wrong I would keep feeling worse. See, here’s a secret. I never really LIKED myself. Slowly I am enjoying this Julie 2.0 version and I don’t think I want to go back to who I was previously. I’m not as anxious anymore, I’m more social, more pleasant, more confident. Why would I want to trade that in?

Connie also revealed to me I had a guardian angel or spirit. She is an older woman, perhaps an ancestor, perhaps someone who took a liking to me. She sits behind my left shoulder and is taking care of me. Other girls were told similar things, so I am OK with this information.

Later in the room you see me sitting in, I had my stones read and my Aura read. When I chose my stones, Connie noted several things about me.

1. I give too much of myself. I need to learn to take care of me as much as I take care of those around me. (Who doesn’t this apply to, honestly)
2. The job I am working is not my calling. It will lead to my calling, but I am not there yet. (I am not surprised at less then 30 years old I will probably settle into a different job in the future)
3. I had additional spirits surrounding me and protecting me. (Oh good)
4. I can talk to those who has passed. (Wait, what?!)

Apparently, some people have the ability to hone in their psychic powers, others are additionally blessed with “the gift” and I am one of those people. I tend to believe this because many strange things have happened in my life. I used to tell my mom our apartment was haunted, that people were using her computer when she wasn’t home. When we moved I kept reporting strange noises and voices. Once when I was using some cards and doing some other Wicca inspired stuff (in High School) I thought I felt the room go cold, the lights flicker and chanting in the hall. It scared me 100% to death and I haven’t thought about what it meant since.

Connie tells me the spirits near me are kind and friendly. She says they’re excited by me because so few people have “the gift”. Also, I am to remind them I am still human and need a different frequency if they start to buzz around me. If I do not want to talk, tell them “I am not ready” and they will wait. I shouldn’t tell them to “go away” or I could hurt their feelings and they’ll never return.

As I said, I do believe her to a degree. I also believe when you attempt to open that door, there is no telling what comes through and I am not ready to risk letting evil or darkness into my life.

During the aura report I was told it was faulty because of how I am “broken” post op. Personally I think it’s because I didn’t fall for the generic descriptions of “you give too much of your heart” “you worry about finances” or the like. Most of the girls were told they needed a new job and more sex. I was told I could talk to the dead (again) and by a different person. Oy.

So needless to say it’s been a weird few weeks while I processed that information. No disrespect to anyone at all. I had an amazing time! And it was a great learning experience. Even if you do not like what you hear, it’s good to get insight into your life, right?

FTC disclaimer: Food and services, including a gift bag, were provided to me free of charge in exchange for this blog post and tweets. All opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Apparently, I Can Talk To The Dead?

  1. wow.
    Im not sure.
    I have a dear friend who can read peoples auras (I know but it's true :)) and she often laments to me she sees things she doesnt want to.

  2. To be fair, it was noisy & I believe you misheard Or obviously have misunderstood a lot of what was said. You did not tape or record to your phone what was said as most clients do. You did ask for more & I offered you a $90 free session (within 2 weeks while it was all still fresh)-noting the info on a business card & giving it to you as per your request. This is the first I've heard from you. If you were confused ir unhappy with your free ($25 value) reading it would have been gracious if you would have at least have dropped me an email 🙁

  3. Sometimes people can be uncomfortable with a reading. Time needs to pass, and you need to come to terms with what you're ready to know about yourself, if you ever are ready. And it's all ok. So, just continue to be ok with yourself. If you want to learn more, there are people (and now you know some of them) who can help you get there (at whatever pace with which you feel comfortable). This is your journey. You can choose the pace and direction.

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