Adventures at Mohican State Park

Saturday, after yoga I headed down to Mohican State Park to take part in my first Forget the PR experience. Over the years I had heard tales of this race. The excitement of camping with 18 of your closest friends. The challenge of the terrain, including the misty river bed and hand over foot root climb, not to mention Big Ass Hill. I was curious once or twice and looked up picture and videos and read report after report after report. Last year I declared to Gale “I will never do that race”. Why? Well, I saw no point in running 16-17 miles and I don’t get a sticker or a medal or a buckle or anything. It seemed crazy. This past fall/winter I happily paid my entry fee.

I arrived at the site a little past 4 and was bummed I arrived to drizzle. Nearly everyone else had already gone to the pool or had been out running and people were now getting into settle down mode.

We rallied the troops and headed over for a dinner of pizza. This was barely half the table, we were quite the force to me reckoned with for the locals. When ordering I was embarrassed to ask if anything was made with or near coconut or palm oil, but being embarrassed still means breathing. The waiter was so sweet, he laughed and said he felt my pain because he has to ask about peanuts when he goes out. After that it was smooth sailing and laughter.

After we carb loaded (I know I know it’s 2 nights before not the night before shhhh)we all headed back through the rain to the cabin. In this photo you can see our cabin, see the building directly behind the walkers? That was the restaurant. Thanks for the great food and service Trails End Pizza Co.

Our cabin plus some guests settled in and we broke out the snacks and games. People were loving all the mini Marathon BarsI brought along! The game of choice was Mental Floss and we modified it. One person (Greg) read the questions and about 15 of us would shout out whatever we felt like saying. Here are my highlights. Names abbreviated to protect the not-so-innocent.

G: What is the heaviest known element on Earth?

M: My ass

G: Due to inbreeding 3 of 4 Dalmatians suffer from of loss of this?

B: Spots?

G: :::Some question about egg laying mammals, where the answer was platypus and two other things:::

Me: That’s not fair! I lay an egg every month!

When not playing the game we were reading from a 1970’s book on women’s running. I wish I had taken it, but that’s bad juju. Did you know the following things?

1) If you’re larger chested and bothered by bounce. You should invest in a sturdy under-wire bra!
2) Newer runners feel “silly” dropping $20 on nice running flats, but it is worth it.
3) Cotton is an excellent wicking material.
4) Don’t be upset that despite having a beer belly and TV habit, your husband will naturally be a better runner than you, no matter how much your train.

5) If you hear foot-steps, look behind you. If they’re wearing racing flats, you’re safe. Remember rapists don’t spend $20 on nice shoes. 

Silliness was had by all until 10ish. Then it was off to this place for shut eye and sweet dreams of victory in the morning. Hopefully sans rain.

I woke to various alarms, but it wasn’t too rough of a wake up. It was weird to float around with so many other people around, but in a way it helped me to stay on track. We walked up to the building with packet pick up and I loved the shirt! Right away I sent out a sweet with the quote to let everyone know I was up and ready!

Thanks to the company I was able/forced to eat a banana and a muffin. I am terrible about pre race fueling. I had some GI upset but popped a few pills and was ready to go. Some went to saw good luck to the 50k-ers. I sat it out since I was letting my tummy settle and then we all walked up to stand in line. I started with my rain coat and was quickly convinced to stop being a crazy person and hand it off to Melissa and Brenna. Before I knew it, we were headed down the road, it was a beautiful morning and I felt great!

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  1. That looks like it was a really cool experience. I love the line about if someone running behind you has racing flats on then you're safe. Good advice. Haha. That shirt is pretty awesome.

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