You know you make me wanna LEAP

(Yes I know the lyric is “shout” c’mon with the creative license folks)

1. Tomorrow is take 2 for the heart procedure. Dear lord let’s hope nothing breaks again! That’s all I have to say about that nonsense.

2. Yesterday was Leap Day. Ya know, in case you slept through it or something. My coworker says it only happens once every 4 years because we can only deal with 29 days of February once every four years. Niice. To celebrate my body decided to call a truce on feeling like death. In return I ate normal food and sat around in normal positions and most importantly of all? I was able to RUN. Yes ladies and gentleman I knocked out between 2 and 2.5 miles. Perhaps I could have done more, I certainly FELT like I could do more, but considering it took 2 count ’em two hours for my heart rate to come back down under 120 I think I made the right call in running a shorter route. Don’t get me wrong, I was SO HAPPY. In the middle of running I was all “When I’m with you I feel like I could die and that would be alllllrigggght“. Because running IS a drug and deserves 90’s musical love.

Why was I running? Well one of the Grunt Girl Racing sponsors is Fleet Feet Sports in Northfield and they got together with New Balance to do the Lost Day Run. We ran locally and were able to test the latest New Balance shoes. I’m feeling the new zero drop in the Minimus, but I can tell my ankles need to perk back up from last year before I tear up the trails. After we had a raffle and I walked away with a free towel. Not bad not bad.

Prior to that fun and excitement though! (Rewind a few hours) When I arrived at home I found my car magnet bumper sticker thing from CafePress. Estimated shipping was mid March. So kudos to them! It’s version 1 because I had to see what the graphic would do. I’m thinking I’ll probably design it differently, where I have the main rectangle be the quote “It’s about an active lifestyle not an elite performance” with the – just under and to the left. Then place the graphic elsewhere…we shall see. Any feedback is appreciated.

Another product I was happy to see, was my Oiselle shirt from Amazon! Woooooot! Not only did I really want this shirt, I wanted to take part in their Leap Day contest! Check out my action shots. Oh, and I also wanted to show them how much I love them since I applied to be on their team/be an ambassador. My pink shirt is great each line is a different running distance. Starting with 5K each line goes a little more across until you get to the bottom line which reaches all the way around to my back. It’s the “ultra” distance. I bought it in pink since I was told after Diva Night two weeks ago, pink is my color.

How did you spend Leap Day? Doing anything memorable or was it just another day in the middle of the week?

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