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This post is about my weekend, if you like reading about lives continue, if you’re looking for anything fitness related, skip to the last few paragraphs.

Friday night I sat at home feeling down. Not sure why, guess it happens sometimes. Well, back it up I might know why. See as I mentioned before, I had some troubles Wednesday when I attempted to run. Same route as the week before and I stopped dead in my tracks unable to breath after only maybe 7 minutes. It was embarrassing and scary. The next day I went back to my cardiologist’s office to make sure everything was OK. The nurse practitioner ran some tests and said she didn’t hear any “rub” and the EKG returned as normal, but she wanted to do an echo to make sure there wasn’t fluid in my heart. Thus after a LONG day (many clients and much paperwork) I found myself flying out of the building at 415 for my 400 appointment.

When I arrived they had marked me as a no-show. Luckily they were the nicest people I have ever worked with (Points Summa!) and allowed me to register anyway (30 minutes later than expected). I went back for the heart ultrasound and hoped for the best. The results for sure showed there is not any fluid in my heart (awesome) however there was some shadowing they were not sure about. Possibly fluid in or around my lungs, possibly something else, possibly nothing at all. I’m leaning toward nothing at all, since I am shorter and my middle is compact. Still, don’t know for sure until the doctor can examine the results today and call me. It’s tiring to not know if something is wrong with you. And I’ve reached the point where I’m sick of dealing with it, actually I’m past that point. So I think my friends are sick of it too, and I hate to bring it up to them STILL but it’s such an important factor right now it’s what I think about. Meaning I pull away from them to avoid any awkwardness. Great plan right? Which is why I found myself in bed on a Friday night at 830 reading magazines and books, but at least I had the electric blanket, right?

Saturday I woke with a new attitude! I called Mom and asked if she wanted to do lunch. We headed over to Rockne’s and I had an awesome french onion soup and philly steak sandwich. After we went to World Market where I picked up many delicious treats andddddd a new rug and curtain for my bathroom! I have been eying these for months and I finally bit the bullet and bought them! I will fully admit I was a victim of retail therapy. Although it isn’t a bad thing when you actually have a place to decorate and you actually have the money to spend. While there I also discovered red velvet chocolate. When I saw it I freaked out so much I knocked over the display. Ha! Skills FTW.

After we headed to Pier 1 where I found the PERFECT throw pillows I have been searching forever to find!! Unfortunately, the sales staff was SO annoying and SO intrusive I could not bring myself to buy them based on principle of not wanting to support such disturbing business practices. We ended the outing with some froyo (Mom’s first time and now she’s in love) and looking at a few puppies.

Saturday NIGHT I went out! Yes ladies and gentleman I wore a shirt I bought within the last year, I wore makeup and I wore my contacts. All newsworthy. I didn’t do my hair because I ran out of time. Oops fail #2. Now how does this game work? Where or what is everything? Necklace : homemade from my secret Santa this year. Jeans: JCP. Shirt (black) Old Navy. Shirt (purple tank) Forever 21. Socks : Bal Gal. Haha.

I went out with my friend Jessica and some of her peeps for another night of bowling. However I double booked my night so I didn’t bowl but I did hang out and cheer them on for at least 1 game. I was feeling a lil out of it though. Later I went over to a night club to meet up with a high school friend for his birthday. It was a wonderful time. We went to a gay club (as he is gay and it was HIS night) and I hadn’t been to this club in about 10 years. Ack. How am I old enough to say things like that? Ugg. Anyway. I had a blast listening to music and talking with friends. Saw some trashy girls doing poll dancing unofficially and saw some HOT HOT guys doing a strip show officially. I don’t care if they’re gay they have all the right pieces and they are preeeeeeetty. I ended up being out until nearly 2am which meant 3am thanks to DST. Oy.

Sunday morning I woke up (reluctantly) and gathered laundry to head over to Mom’s. ANNOUNCEMENT I am getting my washer and dryer next weekend! Woot for doing laundry in your own home! Anyway, Emme and I headed over to meet up with her and my sister. After a quick lunch at Carolina BBQ which was AWESOME we went hiking.

***ALERT transition to fitness talk***

Now here is the glory of the weekend. We started hiking and we came across some mighty hills right away. Part of me was scared. After Wednesday I was all “I don’t wanna die”, but as the doctors pointed out, things don’t go away on their own. Meaning since I haven’t had a breathing or heart issue Thurs Fri or Sat I was probably fine. I decided my family was trustworthy though and if anything happened they would be there for me. We headed up the hill and I was nervous. 1) I have ALWAYS been terrible at hill work. ALWAYS. No matter how in shape I was, a hill always made my heart race and I felt dizzy at the top. 2) I think we can all agree I’m probably massively out of shape at the moment. When we got to the top of the hill I mentally braced myself for a coughing fit and headache (as they ALWAYS would happen) and guess what? NOTHING. I didn’t cough, my heart didn’t race and I didn’t feel terribly weird at all. It clicked for me, that maybe all along that was another symptom of my heart issue.

We hiked 3 strenuous miles and as a “test” I ran up as many hills as I could. I raced my sister, I raced my dog, I raced myself. Each and every hill it was the same thing. I was able to breath, I didn’t get a headache or dizzy, I felt my heart speed up (as it should) and I felt it return to normal (as it should). After 3 miles we went to another trail and did 2 more flat. FIVE miles today folks! No issues! Well, except my sister’s dog who crashed at the end…poor cute thing.

I have never been excited about the racing season. I LOVE to run, but I HATE to race, because training was always hard. Yes, it is hard, but I mean beyond hard. It made everything less fun. Watching everyone get better and not myself was heart wrenching. Now I am excited for the first time in YEARS. For the first time ever I think I might actually be able to do something. All my “issues” were a birth “defect” (possibly) how great, right? I’m beyond hopeful.

I am taking everyone’s advice though and listening to my body. Sunday was a good day. Maybe tomorrow won’t be as good. I am going to play to my strengths and challenge myself, but I am not going to force anything. Thank you everyone for sticking with me or recently joining me on this journey. It’s going to be a great year. And for the locals…the Great Blue Herons are back. I love seeing these nests!

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  1. yummmm!! i love a good lunch, family time and MENCHIES! i am so glad that you got good news from the doc…and nothing too serious was going on AND that you had a fantastic experience fitness-wise over the weekend 🙂 hope there is more of the same in your future!

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