What’s the buzzzz?

Wow what a weekend!

First and foremost. I have bees living in my front yard. This is not my yard, but it looks like this:

Apparently they are “nice” bees. They’re digger bees and they eat bad insects, help gardens and won’t be aggressive. Supposedly they will also leave in 4-6 weeks. So I will not be using my front door for 4-6 weeks. As much as I believe they’re nice and will let them do their little bee thing, I don’t want to risk ticking them off either. If they’re still here in 6 weeks though…I’m taking measures.

Aside from that issue….

Saturday was a day of constant on-the-go and that’s OK with me! I went to bed late Friday, after working diligently on my Toastmaster’s speech. I wanted to write about my heart, but I couldn’t find a strong ending, because this adventure isn’t quite over. Thus, I found myself tweaking a speech I liked, but never imagined could win. Why didn’t I think I would win?  Because in the past tales of overcoming tragedy have won.

Sat morning I woke and showered and put on my pretty teal blouse and little black skirt and headed out into the bright sunny day with a smile. Soon, I found myself sitting in the library conference room, waiting for the contest.

Soon enough the rules were given and order was selected. I was competing in both the International Speech portion as well as the Evaluation contest. I managed to be assigned slot #3 of 4 people for both sections. I recognized several of the other speakers and thought to myself “Wow, they’re really good, they’re in advanced clubs!” Forgetting I’m ALSO in an advanced club and I am ALSO good! Two speakers came and went and it was my turn. I decided even if I didn’t win, I could at least have fun. My speech went exceptionally well. Only a few minor hiccups and probably only things I knew were issues. The last person spoke and it was time for a break.

I ate a few cookies and chatted, then it was time for the evaluation contest. Of course this was as it drew ever closer to NOON. The MAGIC hour when registration opened for Oil Creek and it was sure to sell out. Yikes. Last time they took our phones from us (so we wouldn’t cheat) and this year luckily they did not. As I sat in the room, waiting for my turn the clock flipped to 12. I hurriedly typed my info as quickly as possible and hit “pay by check” and was rewarded with a giant “CONGRATULATIONS” on my screen referring to the fate I have now sealed…100K in October.  This concept became real right in time to be told it was my turn to evaluate. What a close call.

In the end I took 2nd place in both sections. I was truly bummed about the evaluation placing. This was something I believed I had a shot at winning. The speaking portion I was floored and honored to receive 2nd. Unfortunately, the chances of either winner getting sick or backing out is slim, meaning my rotation is now over for the spring 2012.

After the contest, a few of us went over to Chipotle to have lunch and “network”. I had a blast! Then it was back home to call Tom to do what I thought was getting my washer and dryer. Oddly he called me before I could call him and asked if I wanted to do lunch. He also explained I misunderstood and the W&D thing was not happening this week. Clearly I couldn’t eat twice, but I met up with him anyway for company. We traveled toward downtown Akron.


We finally found a place and had a nice chat in the sun. We plan to go bike riding on Tuesday. I realized as much as I missed my friends, they miss me too and I need to call them as much as I need them to call me. I need to stop thinking like I’m bothering them and just reach out!

Back home again, but really over to Mom’s to see her and my sister. I was so tired I almost passed out on her couch! Ha!  We briefly discussed attending The Color Run 5K in May. If we don’t have a team w/ my friend we can do our own team. I asked if we could be the ROJ Running Rainbows. My sister shot that down very quickly! Slowly she warmed up to the idea of a team name and said we can use ROJ Running to support my blog, but we aren’t rainbows or anything else strange. Ha ha. Then Mom and I went to dinner at Beef O’Brady’s (yum) where she acquired a green beer. I tried to have her chug it at the end chanting “chug chug chug” which only lead to her laughing and almost having beer up her nose. Or so it seemed to me.

Leaving Beef’s we swung into McD’s and I was able to get my green beverage of choice. Mmmm mint!

Shortly after I crawled into bed with a book and a stomach ache and passed out. More tales of the weekend to come, including the Half Assed race and Blogger Meet Up where I learned about my aura.

Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “What’s the buzzzz?

  1. I've always thought about toastmasteres but never done it. You must really like it! I know I need to work on my public speaking skills but can't find the motivation to do it. I'd be curious to know more of your thoughts on it!

  2. I'll reply here in case anyone else is curious…and I'll drop you a line on your blog in case you miss the notification. I think TM is a great organization for a lot of people. Like a lot of other clubs though, there are going to be style differences from one to the next. Some are going to be a more social atmosphere, where people are speaking for fun and networking and enjoying being out of the house. Others are going to be very by the book and encourage working on manuals, taking leadership roles and moving through various tracks. There's everything in between. If you like to speak or you want to feel more comfortable speaking I say look up a few clubs near you and give them a visit.

  3. Nice work!! I know you were hoping for first, but two seconds is super stellar. And awesome on getting in for the race! 🙂

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