Three Things Thursday…or more

Rule #1 of fight club blogging…don’t apologize for missed posts. I don’t follow rules very well.

1) I had no idea I would be so out of it following my procedure. I’m still fatigued, but it’s different from the tiredness prior to the procedure. Before it was a whole body, soul and mind depletion. Now, it’s more like a general lack of energy. Although that is probably connected to the not eating. Tuesday I had some eggs for breakfast and a salad and hamburger for dinner. Yesterday I had a chicken and rice dish at lunch. That is the only thing I ate yesterday. I’m not trying to be cool or brag or seek attention. It’s just a fact. I am not hungry and when I eat, it just doesn’t taste right.

Also since the procedure I’ve been having shortness of breath. Not like I did before, when I did before it was only after long periods of exercise. Now it’ll kick in randomly. When I tried to run last night I couldn’t breath half a mile into it. I ran the same course a week ago for over 2 miles and only stopped because I made the choice. WHAT GIVES? Thus I am seeing the doctor today after work. Truth be told that 25K on April 1 is looking less and less likely. And I’m OK with that because health is important. Everything I read said it takes 3-6 MONTHS post ablation to return to working out. My doc gave me the all clear for anything three days into recovery. Does that seem odd to anyone else?

2) I feel famous and special because Oiselle checked in on me. I’ve had companies reply to me before on Twitter, but never has one initiated contact.

3) I made a cake for my coworker/intern for his birthday. It is far from my best work, but I think everyone will appreciate the sugar anyway. In my world those are running shoes. Haha.

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