The Heat Is On

I wish the title gave away some awesome super fun secret about how I’m doing fitness-wise, but instead it’s simply a reflection on how quickly the heat wave of Northeast Ohio has left. This time last week I was making plans to run around in the sun. This week? TV time + puppy + blankets. Perhaps some of this is due to the fact earlier in my day I started to have an itchy throat and warm cheeks. Neither has gone away, and so on the day I finally convince myself I may not have sudden onset food allergies…I think I’m catching a cold.

BTW why does TV hate me? I have not watched TV in years, literally YEARS, in any faithful way. I caught shows here and there, but I was in school and working and training. Now I decide I’ll try to watch current TV, I want to be like the cool kids. AND THEY KEEP CANCELLING MY SHOWS YO! Not gonna lie I like Pan Am and I like The River and both seem to be sealed in their fate. Boo. Word on the street is The River might be saved by NetFlix. Might have to get that account next.

Over the weekend I attended Retro Sign up day with North Coast Multisports. Guess who didn’t know how amazing awesome Mickey is? This girl. Wow he is fun to hang out with, and don’t forget it! I never knew all the connections he had in the racing world. Also he just plain makes me laugh. Example? Talking about race photos. I am partial to the one from RnR Chicago (note to the right, my profile picture). Mickey comments “That could have been a great picture, if you had your eyes open”. Could have been? As in it sucks the way it is? Personally I think eyes shut gives it character. lol.

Also as we were camped out at the North Face, I almost bought a sweet pair of shoes, but they didn’t come in my size. I’m size “odd”. Who else didn’t have my size? Lululemon! I was all over the Ta Ta Tamer, but they did not have my size or color. Anyone want to send me a 34D in white? Anyone?


More importantly, I am now signed up for the Emerald Crossing 4 mile race in early May and the Tallmadge Memorial 5K later in May. Tallmadge comes with a sweeeeeet jacket.

Sunday the family and I ate at IHOP , went shopping at Kohl’s and finally out to a few easy hikes with the dogs. While at Kohl’s I managed to find bath towels on sale for 4 bucks.  Basically I walked out of there with 3 or 4 bath towels and 4 or 5 hand towels for around 20 bucks. So anyone who needs to come over and shower, I’m ready for you.

Notice the lack of working out I did? I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I want to, but it’s still so hard to get back into the swing of things. My muscles just don’t understand. I want to just go back to how it was and it isn’t working that way and I’m impatient. I AM doing stuff, just not at the level I would prefer.

On a similar note…I fit into my pants again. Hopefully soon I won’t be so ashamed to be photographed.

This was a horribly random post. How is it I have PAGES of great post ideas, but when I sit down to do it, stuff like this comes out? le sigh.

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