Half Assed Half Marathon (sorta)

Before I give my “report” please note today is the day for BIKE HOUR. A wonderful FREE event!

What is bike hour? Well it’s an unofficial mass ride. From 6-7 PM wherever, whenever you are, get out there and do some cycling. There is no cost and no need to register, just ride your bike and show people how popular the activity can be! Click the above link for more information. There is also a Facebook page if you want to RSVP for the event. Direct information lifted from the FB page:

It’s like Earth Hour, only more useful. It’s like a critical mass ride, only effective. The world’s biggest, completely unorganised, mass cycling rally will happen wherever you are, on Tuesday March 20, between 6 and 7 pm. Why? Because you will be riding your bike.

Come on people! Let’s get together and make a revolution of an amazing nature, even if you are not a regular cyclist you can always: RIDE MORE! DRIVE LESS!

Spread the word and invite as many people as you can! 🙂

Posters by: Michael Newton © 2012

Moving on to the second of my super happy fun time, no cost events!

Sunday morning I attended my first “race” of 2012. Cleveland West Road Runners Club aka CWRRC organized a “Fat Ass” race of either 13.1 ish or 26.2 ish miles in the beautiful Metro Park within the Rocky River Reservation. A FA race means there is no registration, no swag, no support, just people out and about having a good time. Basally a training run, except people made their own shirts and bibs and at the end there were also homemade “awards” for thing like “dirtiest” or “best costume”. Don’t be too excited the “awards” were literally things such as potted meat, dirty unwanted coffee mugs or expired gels. Haha. All in good fun.

I knew I was no where near ready for 13.1 miles, but I also knew there were options for trail or road and it was an out and back, meaning I could do whatever my lil heart desired. Too bad the day started with me getting lost and terribly frustrated with the situation. Luckily, I still arrived “on time” to hear the final rules and have everyone take off into the sunny day. I hung back and opted for road, thinking I’d do 4-5 miles. Libby was there and she and I decided to hang together. She was speed-walking and I was jogging. We were keeping an easy pace for me, and I could tell she was able to go quicker, but I appreciated the company.

We chatted about life, Toastmasters, racing and everything in between for a solid 5K before reaching the Nature Center. Along the way, when we hit mile 2 I asked what our goal was, she didn’t care so I voted for 3 out and back. I didn’t want to increase my mileage too quickly, even if I was feeling good. Plus I wanted to see if I could run a solid 3 without stopping. I was BEYOND pleased when I DID run a solid 5K. It wasn’t my fastest, it wasn’t my slowest, but it was a solid 5K. My body is still amazing to me. It’s amazing how 5+ years of always feeling faint, always coughing, always fighting my lungs has gone away. Amazing how the only struggle I have is with my legs not being toned yet. How could they be, right? It’s a whole new world. *Cue Aladdin music*

The pit stop wasn’t very long at all. We did the bathroom thing and grabbed a drink of water before heading back out. It wasn’t hot, but it was humiiiiid. Like seriously, 80-something % humidity! Thank gawd Libby brought water because I didn’t. My bad for thinking there were aid stations and for not planning on the miles. We ran without stopping again up until just past mile 5. Then I had to take a walk break. I didn’t want to, but I felt like I needed to do it anyway. I walked enjoying the sun and my thoughts. Libby went on to finish, but before I knew it she had back tracked to meet me again. I walked for for less than 1/2 a mile. Lovely. Really I did appreciate it, it motivated me to start running again. We made it to the pavilion and had to run backward through the parking lot. It KILLED my quads! In a goooood way though.

6.32 miles completed in 1:25:xx Not too shabby tabby. Afterward I snacked on cookies and grapes and a banana while sipping water and talking with friends and petting puppies. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning/afternoon! If you’re like me and HATE ‘nanas may I suggest a trick? Eat it backward. I kid you not, the way the sugar flows differently as it grows makes all the difference. Peel that sucker, flip it around and it will not even be the same piece of fruit.

Do you like training with other people? Have you ever attended an “unofficial” race? Do you ever run backward?

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  1. this seriously sounds like a fantastic idea and event! and so fun! training is always way more exciting and goes by so much more quickly with a group! sounds perfect!

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