Glass Bubble Project

Some of you may recall I attended a certain HOT event last month. Yep, Brittany and I took a lil mid week trip up to the good ol’ CLE for a glass blowing class. We weren’t allowed to take our creations home the same night, so I delayed writing about it until I knew what I was bringing home. Apparently the experience wasn’t enough for me. ( ; Here is the final flower. I am thrilled with the stem and I can’t get a picture that does the color justice. It’s black stem, but so many undertones of color are present. For the red, it’s red and orange and other shimmers of fire the light up from all angles.

The night we went up was super fun. We had coupons for 1/2 off from some local discount feed. One downside was the excessive drinking and pot smoking from some of the workers and most of the “classmates”. We made it through OK though. When doing our projects the guy in charge made a comment that we (Brit and I) were the best. I made a snarky comment about how that’s because we’re the only ones who were sober. Luckily he laughed.

How does one make a glass flower? Well basically you go to the class. Oh not enough info? Well you start by walking up to the giant oven (I refuse to look up the real words) and a giant floor pedal like on a sewing machine opens the door to put in the rod. The rod is dipped into what really looks like nothing but orange and vapor. Somehow though, there is liquified glass and when you bring the rod back out, there is a lump of molten glass on the end. At this point you dip the blob into your color choice (broken glass shards) and drag the rod toward you while also turning it on a table. This creates the “stem”. Next it’s back to the magic oven for another dip. Back to the colors for the “petal” choice. This time you stick the rod upright and dunk the whole thing in the color choice, but slowly letting it ooze out in a circle. Heat the whole mess up in a different oven to keep it from hardening and then go over to the bench station. At the bench station one uses special tools (pliers or other grabby things) to start pulling the edges of the flower petal into a circle and making the shape. Finally you pinch the other aspect and make a long stem or curly q. And that is the terrible vocabulary version of how to make a glass flower! Oh and you wait forever and a day while it cools and sets before you can pick it up again.

Enjoy photo highlights of the night.

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  1. Your glass flower is beautiful! Glass art is just so incredible to make and see, isn't it? I remember a professor demonstrating glass blowing in college once and I made an glass ornament. It was quite a bit of fun. 🙂 And I have been walking around school with my mug – it is way easier to “brag” about the race with it rather than walk around with my medal.

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