EP Study and Ablation

As many of you know I made it through the heart procedure on Friday. I will try to keep this short and interesting, but it’s my tale, so no promises.

Mom and I arrived at the hospital exactly at 730am. We knew where to go this time around. Some of the front desk people and main nurses were teasing us about being repeat customers. I was not amused.

We arrived at the “Central Lounge” and it wasn’t long before my name was called. The adventure had truly begun. I pointed to a giraffe lamp and told my Mom to please buy me a giraffe while I was away. Spoiler alert…she did not.

Back behind the magic curtain I spent 165,972 hours listing my allergies to everyone under the sun. They had to do another prego test on me…apparently they can’t just trust you…but that coincided with the cath anyway. Here’s the thing about the catheter…I am allergic to both latex and KY. Meaning the tube they used wasn’t flexible and it wasn’t lubricated. I was balling it hurt so badly. Every time I moved it was scraping me, it was terrible. They also gave me a nice lil trim. The nurses jokingly said I know had a cute lil Mohawk. I saw what they did, it isn’t a Mohawk and it isn’t cute. They shaved without rhyme or reason. I have a beaver with mange. TMI? Sorry no pictures. Finally it was time to get rolling back to the station where the magic would happen. We passed Mom in the hall, I thanked her for the many allergies I was born with…haha…she kissed me and took a picture.

Back in the room I was almost unresponsive I was crying so much from the cath issue. My doctor asked what was wrong, the nurses explained and he suggested we take it out. I LOVE THAT MAN. They were waiting until they could be more discreet and I was all “OMG I don’t care just get the thing out now“. Then I was fine. Although the other doc decided no one was putting anything else on or in me until they got some meds in my IV. Haha. Thanks. More stickers and wires and I recall sitting up and asking “Why can’t I feel my left wrist?” To which they replied “Because the blood pressure cuff is activated”. Then I asked “Should all the words on the screen be fuzzy?” And they said “We started your meds in your IV” Then it was time to be asleep. Of course I was awake at some points. My wrists were tied to the bed (kinky) so I kept asking if they would scratch my nose. Eventually they switched from the nose tubes to the full on nose and mouth cup thing for oxygen to keep me “more comfortable”. Really I think they were annoyed with my itchy nose. What I remember most is being a tad awake and looking at the nurses, they looked at me like “Why are your eyes open?!?!” I asked if there was something wrong with my heart or why it was so fast…something like that.  I think they said something about needing more meds and how it was up over 200. (ack!) then asked me to lie very still because they were going to do the actual ablation now. The next thing I knew my heart was burning. I mean on fire, so uncomfortable I wanted it to stop. I knew if I wasn’t drugged up it would have been the worst pain ever. And then we were done and I was being rolled back to my room to rest and see my Mom. They put a warm towel around my head (aaah warm) and I went right back to sleep.

The next few hours I was in and out of sleep. Mom went and gathered food. They were nice enough to give us gift cards to say “sorry” for not being able to do it last week. I was also given my pillow to take home for my dog and I took the water bottle I was using because it’s HUGE and measured and I’ve always wanted one like it.

During that time I recall sending a few texts and emails to people. Looking at my outgoing and incoming stuff yesterday though, I don’t recognize most of it. Several different people checked on me in recovery zone, I forget most of them too. Weird medicine. I ordered turkey for lunch with potatoes and gravy. The nurse changed it to no gravy and green beans. WTF? They sent it up the way I ordered it though. HA. Mom pointed out I was in the hospital for a heart thing, gravy probably is frowned upon. Shhhhh.

I was only held up once, because one of the sites in my groin (yes ouch) started bleeding and we had to wait to discharge me. The doctor came over to talk to me and I was told they found a vigorous connection and they were able to get it easily. I have a 95% success rate. I’ll take it. Knowing it was such a strong connection makes me SO HAPPY I chose to do the EP study. The idea of something happening when I was out on the trail, alone and without access to medical help scares me. Let’s not play the what-if game though. Everything happens for a reason and for whatever reason I was destined to try for that study last Nov. Destined to find out there an issue. Destined to get a good job with insurance that would cover this issue and now I’ll never have to worry. It’s also nice to think my breathing issues might have been the WPW all along. PLEASE let me be rid of those meds!!

They ran an EKG and it was normal. NORMAL how wonderful of a word to hear! I have to take it easy a few more days. Not because of my heart, but the whole holes in my groin situation. For about 1-2 weeks my heart is healing though. I might feel burning or butterflies or skipped beats. And I have. It’s super weird, but also nice to know it’s expected. The drugs made me sleep most of the weekend, even as my weird heart things wake me up. Saturday was awesome. I slept on the right side of my body for a change. I didn’t feel rapid heartbeat ONCE and I wasn’t scared. Emme and I watched Cold Case Friday night, and she has only left my side once…to kill her pillow.

Thanks to everyone for the support and kind words and everything else. Thanks to Mom for letting me live in her living room all weekend and watching tons of Hulu with me.  And teasing me for never reading classics like Animal Farm or Of Mice and Me. Thanks to my Grammy who brought over treats and to see how I was feeling. Thanks to my sister for lunch on Sunday, even if I couldn’t walk and came down with a killer headache. It’s been a long process, but now it’s over.

PS. I realized it was about 4 years ago I had my gallbladder removed at this same hospital. So I’ve decided I will return in 4 more years. To have my twins on Leap Day 2016. Because one can plan these events after all.

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