Valentine’s Exchange info is sent!

OK all the names have been sent to the gift givers, I am happy to report everyone who signed up was willing to exchange not only cards, but gifts as well. I can’t wait to see what everyone sends/receives!

As a reminder here are the outlines for the gift exchange:

  • I will pair you with one other person. The person you send to will not necessarily be the person sending to you.
  • The gift exchange limit will be set at $15. Please send your gifts by the 7th, that will give them 1 week to arrive. Don’t forget about flat rate shipping!
  • PLEASE send pictures, post a blog, do something to let us all know about the great stuff you were sent!

Below are those playing along and the blogs you should check out. #1 If you do not see your name listed and you think you should be listed…send me an email ASAP It means I did not get an email with your contact information.#2 If you see your name listed and you did not receive an email from me with your “send to” info, let me know! Thanks!

Suz @ Cows And Lasers And Everything In Between
Hannah @ Hannaviolin
Whitney @ Running with Whit
Erica @ I Run Because…I Can
Blue @ Blue’s UnBashful Blog
Christie @ Changing from Fat to Fit!!
And myself!

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