Unexpected weekend

This weekend was set aside for recovery. I was supposed to have my EP study and possible ablation yesterday. However, when Mom and I arrived at the hospital we were informed the machine needed had some type of meltdown where the hard-drive was now fried. Seriously? So away we went to breakfast and then I took myself to work. Here’s the thing…I have the sick time, but I don’t want to have to keep taking it. Also, while I can go back to work and not tap out my sick time, I obviously won’t have any clients for that day and no clients = no billable units = BAD. Thank goodness I had an overly productive January. Ugg. Now I am on the books for next Friday instead. Fingers crossed nothing else goes haywire.

Friday I was so tired at work, when I left I went straight home and put on PJs. Then headed over to Mom’s for laundry time. I NEED A WASHER!! Oy. I took a nap with Emme while we waited for her to come home. Then it was several hours of Cold Case reruns on ION (positively entertaining) . At least I know how I’ll be spending next Fri night, right?

Saturday morning my sis and I went to this pancake thing for her city. I met her at her place and she drove us over. It was yummy. We had 2 cakes and 2 sausages at a time (with as many refills as you wanted) don’t worry I didn’t go crazy. I also had some OJ and chocolate milk. While we were there we had our picture taken with Slider the Cleveland Indians’ (baseball) mascot. And we also entered some raffles. I was trying to win either a Kindle Fire, a bike or a gift certificate and cookbook. Phone has been quiet so I don’t think I won. ) ; OH WELL.

She was talking while I took this…I wanted a funny pic, but got this. Lucky duck.
Tempting, huh? Really they were wonderful!
We chill with celebs on the regular. Don’t be jel.

After that I chilled out home for a moment before going to a team meeting for Grunt Girl Racing. I met a few new team members talked with some already established friends and ate a piece of pizza. We learned the requirements for the year and updated gear. I bought a hoodie and a new short sleeve shirt. 1) My short sleeve shirt from last year was well loved and needs a back up. 2) I tried the hoodie on and was IN LOVE. It has like mesh or vented sides or something and it’s soooo soft and loose around the neck. For me it’s wonderful. I had to buy it of course. I also made the mistake of trying on a long sleeve and it fit fabulously too. However I don’t wear long sleeve running shirts. I overheat too easily. Thus I was capable of walking away without writing a much larger check. I also chatted with someone about possibly doing personal training this summer.

To close out the night, many of us headed over to Winking Lizard for food and drinks. Since it’s a resolution of mine to be more engaged in my teams and to be more pleasant, I went. I’m glad I did too, because everyone was SO NICE to me. It was almost as if they knew I was sad last year around them. Then it occurred to me, I was being nicer too. I was more confident and in a better place. People reflect your moods and if everyone at the table it having a blast…it will keep growing. There was one uncomfortable incident where I was lectured about my food choices. While I know they (teammates) have my best interests at heart, I don’t like feeling guilty or ashamed and as if I’m being belittled. Again something I need to work on. I enjoyed half my cherry margarita before realizing on a trip to the bathroom, it was hitting me HARD. I mean like more than tipsy. So I sat and ate my some fries and chatted.

Unfortunately, I also had a little “attack” where my heart was racing a tad (It goes just over 100, but never more than like 120) so everyone was all “ARE YOU OK” and I am OK but it’s embarrassing. It’s also frustrating because it should have all been over by now.

Everything happens for a reason though. And being delayed meant time with my team, it meant a new hoodie, it means running on Leap Year Day, who knows what else it means. I’ll be strong for another week. This morning I woke up with this cuddle bug and it’s a brand new day and who knows what’s waiting for me around the corner.

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