The Stress Test

Today was the big day! I was set to go to my stress test with echo bright and early at 900 am, I was prepared to be told I have been worried about nothing this whole time and wanted a printed and signed document saying it was time to get back to running. If you are unsure what a stress test or echo is, check out this site for an easy description or a video.

Sigh. For most of the day I continued to live in a world where all that and more was possible. The test itself went swimmingly. I knew I needed to show up in loose pants, I knew my top and bra didn’t matter because I’d take them off, and I was prepared for the red itchy marks from the adhesive and my allergies.

Getting ready for the test
Immediately after the test…irritation sets in ) ;
7+ hours later I’m still marked and itchy

As I said, the test itself was awesome. I ran the treadmill. It felt SO FRICKIN AMAZING to be running. I was in bliss. However it was a short lived 10 minute bliss. Watching mu heart on the ultrasound was oddly soothing. The sound portion amazed me. Technology is fascinating and so is the human body.

Backtracking…after doing paperwork I was lead to a room where I locked up the top half of my clothes and my purse. In a gown and pants I went into another room and did more paperwork. They hooked me up to all the electrodes and wires. Then I was to lay on my side while they took baseline photos of my heart, and did blood pressure and EKG readings. Next I was lead to a treadmill where we started off walking around 1.5 at a 5% incline or something to that effect. Easy. Every few minutes the incline went up up up and away as did the speed, until I was full on running. I was a happy camper. They laughed at how low my ratings where to begin with and how hard it was to get them to be high enough for the test because of my “great” fitness level. After I was able to get my heart rate up to 190 I was basically thrown back onto the bed for more pictures and readings. Really the echo was beyond words amazing to see my heart in action. It went from “I’m..a…heart” all casual pumping to “IMAHEARTIMAHEARTIMAHEART”. While on the “bed” the lady told me to relax and picture the beach. The other tech said “That won’t work for her…she’s a runner. She should be on her trail enjoying nature”. I almost cried it was so personal and so frustrating to be so far from my current reality.

Then I washed off, was able to dress and was on my way back to work with a smile and hope.

Not too long after my primary doctor’s office called. They had spoken with the cardiologist and while the heart appears to be functioning as it should and the echo looked great, the EKG and stress test was showing electrical disturbances or some crap and now I have to go to a specialist. I asked when I could run again. The laughed in a sweet way and said “We were just talking about that for you”, see how well they know me? Apparently the electrocardiologist will tell me when I’m allowed to run again. I have to have a consult to talk about what could be wrong and possible (if any) treatments. I’ll be honest. I’m beyond ready for all of this to be over.

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