Happy Valentine’s Day

OK not the most original post title, but hey a cliche day needs a cliche title, right? Normally my Valentine’s weekend is spent at the JCC doing an indoor triathlon. However, due to my recent health issues that wasn’t in the cards this year, much to my extreme disappointment. I thought about volunteering, but I was such a mess leading up to my appointment yesterday I could barely stand or sit or concentrate for more than 15 minutes without freaking out. Luckily, that was all relieved….which I will write about in another post…today is about love and happiness!

Today I want to share the love from my own gift exchange, as well as the card exchange I did from Runner’s Luck.

First, the wonderful gift(s) I was sent by Hannah from Hannah Violin!

Chocolate the way to this girl’s heart for sure!
LOVE this towel. It’s the one I wanted from Xmas so I was super psyched

I don’t have pictures of everyone’s goodies, but here are two shots I found on Facebook via being tagged. Thanks ladies for your enthusiasm!

How cute are those heart and stripe socks?
More cute socks! And a great inspirational magnet.

Now about the card swap. Here are some of the cards I’ve received along with cards from other sources. Is is not awesome the cheer being spread through blogs?

A special thanks to the following bloggers for taking the time to send me a Valentine:

gRegorLove.com made the giraffe holding a sonic screw driver. Awesome.
Zaneta sent the country patchwork looking card with a lovely handwritten message inside
Hannah sent the owls
Erica sent the puppy w/ a chocolate GU-like packet (but it exploded)
Whitney sent the hilarious fish and some gum

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope your day is full of love and happiness in any form.

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