Emergen-C Winners Announced

Hi all! Happy President’s Day

Did anyone else have today off? Can I express how much I LOVE random government type job days off? Although I did not get to sleep in since Mom had her car in the shop and needed me to pick her up to save her from boredom. She’s saving me from post-surgery so I suppose it was only fair. ( ; Plus she totally took me out to breakfast where I had hash-browns and eggs and toast and Oreo pancakes. I kid you not. Then we took Emme for a walk in a park and although it was freezing and my legs were dying at the end (from the cold) I was so happy to be out. My work out log says 1.7 miles! Soooo happy. 100 calories more than I have been doing, right? Then it was nap time (don’t judge) and off to have my teeth cleaned. I love having my teeth cleaned. They feel so niiiiiice after.

I ALSO had fun the other days of this weekend (gasp shock amazement, I’m feeling better!). I went out Saturday night with Jess (I’ve talked about her before,  my cycling friend) and her friends & family to celebrate her birthday. We were bowling and I wasn’t doing too horribly. I broke 100 two times. ( ; I haven’t actually bowled in years. I’ve gone out with people and sat there, but have not actually picked up a ball and thrown it down a lane. I do enjoy it, but it tends to make my tendonitis flare up. Prior to that event I was over at my grandparents’ house visiting various family members for my pappa’s bday celebration. Lot’s of being born lately.

Sunday Mom and I went to various stores up near the mall. Pet store, computers, crafting, baking, and of course out to eat. Yum yum! Although Olive Garden needs to check their pricing on some stuff and update their staff on how not to suck. We had a good time. I almost hit a seagull though! It flew RIGHT in front of my car. HOW RUDE. Sunday night I hung out with Mr B and we played some computer video games and watched old episodes of The Office, back when it was funny. And guess who did not realize that is Ed Helms? WOW I’m clueless at times.

OK moving on….I had 11 people enter my giveaway for Emergen-C (thanks everyone for your feedback) and I headed over to Random.org to find out the lucky winners. The first number to pop up was #9 which was a comment left by Suz and Allan.

The next number was #1, and that was a comment left by MizFit

Ladies please drop me a line at Julie@ROJRunning with your shipping information and I will get your boxes of Emergen-C to you ASAP.


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