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I have been waiting anxiously to be tagged by someone for the “11 Things” game. I hate to ask to be tagged, I don’t feel comfortable having to ask someone to think about me. Luckily Heather over at Running with Sass made my week by tagging me the other day!

1 Post these rules
2: You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you’ve tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

11 random things about me. I’ll try not to repeat my other “about me” post.

1 My favorite number is 21. I can’t recall why this is, but it’s been that way since I was very young

2 I have always wanted to perform in the Phantom of the Opera, as Christine’s friend Meg

3 I hate the way I saw “towel”. Everyone else says it as one word, I think I say it like ta-wel

4 I know basic ASL and would love to take a class to update my communication level

5 When I was in 6th grade I was obsessed with pigeons. I would name the local birds under the highway bridges. I would check the same book out of the library essentially every week for months on end, memorizing facts about pigeons. I wanted one as a pet. 

6 I wanted to name my younger sister “Button”. I made signs when Mom went to the hospital for our room stating “Julie and Button’s room”. Mom never listen’s to me. She’s just plain “Becky” 

7 My favorite gemstone is tanzanite 

8 Various jobs I’ve held include : McDonald’s crew, life guard, telemarketer, concessions worker & supervisor, office assistant, graduate assistant, customer specialist (or whatever word of the week), bus driver & supervisor, and currently a counselor. 

9 I still have white wooden “reindeer” with red bows in my living room.  Simply because I think they’re cute. 

10 My cars have all had names. Tullia = 95 Civic, Hope = 03 Corolla, Destiny = 08 Tuscon. Destiny is a drag queen, she looks like a girl, but she’s built like a man.

11 Two foods I could NEVER give up are mayo and cheese.

Questions for me:

1.) How long should you be engaged before you get married? I think you should be together 1-2 years before getting engaged and then at least another year before the wedding. If you can’t look back and say “Remember where we were last year?” I don’t think you can really know a person well enough to be bonded to them forever.

2.) Must read book? I don’t think I have any life changing books in my collection. I do really enjoy Chuck Klosterman’s “Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs” it brought certain questions to my mind.

3.) Biggest pet peeve? People who say “anyways” with an “S” on the end.

4.) What is your dream job? Currently I am loving my job as a counselor, I would like to be independently licensed but in time, in time. In another life? I’d love to be an actress

5.) Crushed ice or cubed? NEITHER. I hate ice, I ate being cold. If I had to pick, cubed so I could take them out.

6.) Have you ever met anyone famous? Yes, when I was younger I met Ann M Martin (Baby-Sitters Club series) and in undergrad I met Jerry Springer.

7.) Favorite summer Olympic sport to watch? Gymnastics. I’ve always been floored by the movements and style.

8.) Salty or sweet? Oooo that’s tricky. I grew up with salty so it’s a part of me, but I myself have a sweet tooth. Chips last in my house, chocolate does not!

9.) Would you rather have an encounter with a bear or a mountain lion? Why? Well one time I thought I was going to have an encounter with a bear...but it wasn’t. Then in Las Vegas I was able to pet and have my picture with a baby lion who was so soft and sweet. So, I’d have to go with the mountain lion.

10.) What was your favorite birthday party as a child? We didn’t really do bday parties growing up and I always had such a diverse mix of friends it was stressful to me to think about having one. I suppose though when I had the pool party at the condo, that was fun.

11.) What size bed do you sleep in? I sleep in a queen bed, where I get about 3 square inches of room because my 5 pound dog somehow morphs into something that requires the rest of the space.

Questions for my friends:

1 If you could own any exotic animal what would it be?

2 What super power would you not want to have and why?

3 Who was your first crush? Or first kiss?

4 Do you speak any other languages?

5 What is your favorite TV show right now?

6 Social Media is cutting back! Which platform do you part ways with?

7 What is your crazy human talent?

8 Must have food item?

9 Guilty pleasure song?

10 Celebrity crush?

11 Biggest goal/hope for 2012?

And I’m terrible at following rules, so please tag yourself if you want, but really it seems everyone who wants to do this has already done it in the past few weeks.

To make up for it…here is a picture of me with Jerry Springer in my bus uniform from way back in the day. OK maybe like 2003 or 2004.


16 thoughts on “11 Things

  1. What a fun post! I have not been tagged in this one yet, but at the same time I don't know when I would find the time! LOL!! I grew up in Chicago and actually had a friend who worked for the Jerry show! She said it was INSANE!!

  2. I'm a fan of tanzanite as well.

    I had to laugh at the first question you answered. My husband and I got engaged after 3 months and married on the anniversary of our first date. Our 18th anniversary is in a couple of months. ;o)

  3. We have so many nicknames for each other now. Christmas is always fun because we'll put things on there. So she'll get button packages. Or she's “nurse” and I'm “doctor” and she's “grasshopper” and I'm “Master”. Fun times. Do you do fun things like that with your brother?

  4. Wow that's a great love story. I'm sure every couple knows when they know. Two of my good friend were engaged in 7 months and they're the best couple I know have been together for years and are expecting their 2nd child. Until I meet someone I just have random “rules” to follow ( ;

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