Why can’t I figure out what day it is?

I’m totally stealing Cely‘s layout formula. Sue me. Or please don’t. Take it as a compliment.

So I keep thinking it’s Thursday and then I relax because I realize it’s only Tuesday and then I get annoyed I am too dumb to just know from the start it’s Wednesday. What is wrong with me?

I’m working on a delicious recipe. Or so I hope it will be when it is finished. It’s in my crock pot. Let’s hope my house doesn’t burn down while I sleep. At least I’ll die warm.

If I don’t die I have TWO races lined up for the spring. See I can’t die, right? RACES! I’d have more, but I’m still waiting on heart testing. Good news folks! I get my benefits on the 22nd, so I will be getting tested shortly after.

On April Fools Day I will be running the 25K Fools Run. I have been head over heels for the idea of this race since I learned the date would be on actual April Fool’s Day.

Not far after I will be headed down to Mohican State Park for the Forget the PR 25K. I’ll be lodging with a few lady friends from Grunt Girls and Cleveland West Road Runners. I am so excited to be around my friends and out in the woods that weekend. And I have heard such marvelous things about the waist deep water crossing.

In other news…I deleted my dating profile today. Apparently all people within my range of contact are only looking for sex. Sex is lovely. I like me some sex. I also like hearing from you the next day. I like exchanging birthday and Christmas gifts. I like not being invisible to your friends and family. Sorry, this isn’t directed at anyone. Honest. I think part of it is directed at the fact that one of my ex’s recently became engaged. The high school sweetheart ex. We haven’t been a part of each other’s lives for a long long time. I’ve been in love with many other men since him. In fact thinking I loved Mr B is a major reason the ex is no longer in my life. It’s still strange though…13 years later and this is how it turns out. I won’t lie we both always thought I’d be the first one to settle down. I also used to think 25 was old. Ohhh the logic of a 14 year old…

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