What’s new so far?

Well so far the following things are going on in 2012.  I downloaded a Blogger app for my phone…which is what posted this entry. I also started to make videos. The one I worked on last night failed to upload so I have to investigate that situation. Lately I’ve been trying to be more active on Twitter. It’s quicker and easier to read and chat than Facebook statuses and it is fun to create or follow hashtags. To think this time last year I knew NOTHING about Twitter.

I have majorly failed at 30 for 100 days. Can you majorly fail in 5 days? I missed two days in a row. Between getting a virus off my computer system and other obligations I just wasn’t motivated. #excuses, huh? I am sitting at 600 cals for the past week with Cardio Trainer, which is cool to see again. Maybe the pup and I will walk tonight.

Short & sweet, just like me. Time for lunch break to end.

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