Valentine’s Day Blogger Exchange

Valentine’s Day is approximately one month away. Meaning, we all have plenty of time to get our butts in gear and share the love! After Christmas I really wanted to do another fun exchange and thought sending valentine’s would be sweet and inexpensive. However, I arrived home from my mini vacation to see Zaneta has beaten me to the punch! Just like Christmas though, I’m hoping there’s holiday spirit to share. Meaning, feel free to sign up for her card exchange and mine to get the most pink and red and white.

I am going to keep this a rather easy going exchange, we will be doing either small gifts or cards.

Basically, comment here letting everyone know you’re interested so others see how popular this is getting. ( ; And also so I know if I’ve missed your email. Then email me at with your mailing and applicable blog/twitter/etc information. Either in the comment or email, let me know if you want to exchange cards only or if you are willing to do a gift exchange. Please sign up by January 31st. On February 1st I will give the list of exchange partners. This will give everyone time to shop for items/cards or to get to know your blogger buddy better.  

Gift Exchange people:
  • I will pair you with one other person. The person you send to will not necessarily be the person sending to you.
  • The gift exchange limit will be set at $15. Please send your gifts by the 7th, that will give them 1 week to arrive.
  • PLEASE send pictures, post a blog, do something to let us all know about the great stuff you were sent!
  • Grab my button and post it on your blog, Facebook, Tweet it, Pin it, whatever (if you want).
Cards Only people:
  • Depending on the number of people who sign up I will break you into groups, with no more than 5 to a grouping.
  • Try to get your cards out as soon as possible so people may enjoy them leading up to the holiday, try to send no later than the 10th.
  • Please also send pictures, write a post and thank everyone for their kinds thoughts.
  • You may also grab my button and post it on your blog, Facebook, Tweet it, Pin it, whatever (if you want).
OK all my little cupids and cupidettes let’s make Valentine’s Day 2012 one to be remembered! 

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