Three Things Thursday

1. My wrist is falling apart. It started feeling funny last Friday, each day it has grown progressively worse. This only happened this terribly back when I was an undergrad. At the time I was diagnosed with a ganglion cyst. OUCH! I was given a wrist brace and put in physical therapy, and it kept getting WORSE! I was set up to look at possibly having surgery or cortisone shots. Then my work hours switched and the hospital I was using threw a big hissy and wouldn’t see me anymore because I wasn’t available the ONE day the doctor I was working with was willing to come in. RUDE. So magically the pain went away. Every once in a while it will hurt for 1-2 days, but nothing like this! Frick. I can’t open doors, I can’t hold things, I can’t squeeze my fingers together or I cry, which makes paperwork super fun. I’m wearing one of these and hoping it just heals itself. BTW one thing that doesn’t hurt is typing…so I dunno what’s up with that. Looks like it’s a HULU night though and pain killers just to be safe.

2. I went to the World Market tonight on a secret mission. You’ll find out on the 31st. While there I acquired something wonderful. Chocolate and Banana spread. I may or may not have opened it and started eating it with my fingers out of the jar on the way home. They knew my type when they designed a jar that fits so perfectly in a cup holder.

3. I don’t understand Klout. Does anyone else? Does it even matter? Should I stop trying to do whatever it is they are wanting me to do for whatever results? Seriously, I’m confused by it on so many levels.

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