These Boots

A few weeks ago I went to Amish Country with my family. I don’t know if this is really the official term for the area or if I just sounded incredibly racist, but it’s what I grew up knowing it as. This area in Ohio has a high concentration of Amish families, where the food is all down home and deep fried and the furniture is various types of wood and hand crafted. We like to go for the food and shopping. While there I came across a pair of boots. Normally I’m not a boots girl, or a shoes girl at all. I have two of the same style of Merrell basic shoes for work and don’t consider anything else. I wear a size 6.5 to 7 and I am picky as sin. I don’t like any type of heel, because it stresses my calves and then I can’t run as well. I’m clumsy so something slippery is also out. I hate buckles and tassels and ribbons and bows. My calf muscles are thicker than they should be for my foot size so most tall boots won’t fit, especially if they don’t have zipper. Oh and the front of my foot is wide, but my heel isn’t, if anything it’s narrow. Like I said…picky. Thus when I tried on a pair of beautiful tan boots and they fit and they were super comfortable I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE DAMN THINGS!

Unfortunately, I was being “fiscally responsible” as the Christmas season was approaching so I left them. I figured if they were 45.00 originally, marked down to 35.00 I should be able to find them back home no problem and full price wasn’t too bad. Again, I don’t know fashion so when I tell you the brand you might freak. They were LAMO boots and from what I gather those suckers are not cheap! Anywhere I find on-line or near to my house the tall boots are approaching or well over 100 dollars! Everything I find is pull on too, not the zippered version I was trying on. I’m traumatized I didn’t buy them. Forever depressed this girl right here.

Yesterday, I was planning ALL WEEK to go back to Amish Country with my Mom to buy the boots of my dreams. When I asked her Friday night what was going on she told me she accidentally forgot and made plans with my sister. THE TRAGEDY! So I found myself agreeing to go a local mall with them instead.

Spoiler alert: I still don’t have boots. But here is what my day involved…

The three of us arrived at the mall just after lunch time. We started at Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale where I acquired a new bra for 50% off the original price. I’m also super picky about my bras so this is exciting. I own about 10-12 bras, I like 1 of them. Now I like 2.

Next we popped into a Kitchen Store, after my sister jokingly asked if I wanted to go in. Girl don’t joke about my kitchen! I left with a set of wooden spoons compliments of my llama, salt and pepper shakers and a slicer/scrapper (but one safe to use on my stoneware!) At the store I ran into my friends Samm and Scott, and they told me some very exciting news! Can’t wait for this summer, so many great things are happening with so many people!

Another store we went to was Forever 21. A hit or miss store. Well my depression of not having boots was only made worse when I found this jacket. And it was only 20 bucks! AND IT WASN’T IN MY SIZE. WHYYYYYYY? Please don’t exist if I can’t have you. This rule now applies to food, clothing, and men.

We also made our way into the Body Shop. Body Shop wins over Bath & Body EVERY TIME. I have terrible perfume allergies both in general and for my asthma. I can barely walk past B&B without a reaction. BS is so much more gentle. Mom bought a ginger shampoo since I was raving about it. (Note, I am a scalp scratch-er. Gross I know. Head & Shoulders doesn’t help, top of the line medicated stuff doesn’t help. I started using the ginger shampoo and it made a major difference). They were also having a great sale on a few other things, so for 9 bucks, yep 9 bucks, I now own the following. Green Apple body wash (amazing) Raspberry body wash and Watermelon lotion. I also have a watermelon and mint body wash so the lotion makes a great set.

After we were all done with the mall. Curse you Macy’s, Sears, Payless and everyone else who doesn’t have equivalent boots. We found our way to El Ricon, a local Mexican place. YUM YUM. I chowed down on a platter of various beans and rice and cheese in flour related casings. Prior to this we all shared a pitcher of daiquiris and chips & salsa. HOW much more AMAZING is chips and salsa sans braces?

Needless to say yesterday wasn’t too active, but it was good for my family and mental wellness. I did clean my house. Sweep/Mop/Scrub/Dishes/Laundry. That’s active! Right? Tomorrow I go for my 1 month follow up for retainers. ONE MONTH already?! Only 5 more until I’m only wearing them at night and this is all just a memory.

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