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It’s difficult to believe, as I sit here in my 72 degree house (don’t judge) looking out on the accumulation of nightly snow, it was only a week ago I was sitting at lunch with my friend Jen, catching up after nearly 10 years. Oh and of course walking around outside without a coat, in short sleeves. Hmpf.

Our day began with her picking me up at the airport. Note to self, I suck at catching planes in 2012. Normally I’m there early and sitting quietly, waiting to board. 3 out of 4 times I was running for the gate hearing “last call for passenger Curtis”.

Her timing with picking me up was perfect and it wasn’t long before we were settled in at a local pizza place enjoying our specialty made creations. She had a thin crust with pepperoni and I think light cheese? Something to that effect. I tried to be fancy and had honey wheat crust with sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and black olives.

After lunch we headed to her place to drop my things off. Let me tell you a little about my friend…She came to my school our junior year and left shortly after we began college at Kent State. I’ve always admired her because she went to school for something she loved and was lucky enough to get a job in her field at a real newspaper (OK they’re ALL real) but hers was the Kansas City Star. She was always what I wanted to be “when I grew up”. Employed in a career, living outside of her parents house…with her boyfriend, a great attitude and fun clothes.

Next we headed over to get coffee and have girl talk, but first the manicures! Truth, I have never had my nails done professionally. In middle school I was obsessed with doing nails. I would spend hours making detailed designs with colors and brushes and toothpicks. Even if my nails wouldn’t grow longer, they were at least interesting. I stopped in high school for whatever reason and recently it just seems pointless when I will get them scraped off on the trees as I go running past. However, I loved the experience of the salon.

At the coffee shop she orders some delicious cold chai tea combination (to die for) and I had some chocolate cherry hot coffee. Mine was good too, but I am obsessed w/ chai, I wanted to try something different though since I was “on vacation”. We had some high school girls take our photo, it was funny to see how they looked at us, like we were so old and strange talking to them. Especially since they were probably near the age when Jen and I met.

Later, we went over to Maryam’s house and then out on the town. Maryam and I have known each other online through Jen since around 2006. This was our first meeting. She made me laugh when she told me I was cuter in person. Yep, that’s right folks, it’s amazing how unphotogenic I am! Proof, I am a pretty girl, but only if you see me face to face. LOL.

The three of us girls ended up at 8 different nightclubs, but none had the right “feel” to them. We still had a BLAST though and at the end when Rian (Jen’s BF) was driving us around I was given a nice tour of downtown.

Sunday was a little more casual. We woke up and had lunch at a great sub place. Stopped at a road side girl scout cookie table (where I laughed at the name changes on some of the cookies and found delicious treats I haven’t seen in Ohio. Did you know GSC are regional and each area has its own flavors and names?) Then went shopping with her friend Jonathan (hope I spelled that correctly), over to the college and park to look at some ducks on ice, a quick walk through the art museum and to her parents’ to watch the Golden Globes and take part in local (famous) BBQ. It was a tad hot for me, I prefer a sweet BBQ, but it was still good.

Monday it was back on the plane after stopping at a McDonald’s to try what we thought was a local item, “Chicken McBites”. They were good. I love finding new things at McDonald’s…it’s a part of my roots after all. I say that since I worked there all through HS and my first semester of college.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend and if you get a chance you should follow her blog, I know, right? She always has wonderful tales to tell.

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  1. This is a PERFECT recap, Julie!! I love it! I almost feel like I experienced our entire weekend together all over again. LOL!

    Oh, and side note: They sell the Mcbites in KS now. And as a value meal over there. We missed it by a week!! 😀

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