Race Report : GNYER 5K

Yesterday afternoon I completed my final event of 2011with my sister and several friends. Gale and I have done this event I believe every year since I began racing, my sister has joined us at many of them too. The year I had my wisdom teeth pulled and did not want to run she was there with the pups for an icy adventure where I carried Em nearly 1.5 miles back when her tiny paws were nothing more than ice cubes.
On a side note, a minor tragedy happened last night shortly before the ball dropped. A virus hit my computer and began eating away at all my files and programs. Luckily I caught it in enough time to get a system restore going, as I was watching icon after icon blip into the blackness…unfortunately I have lost all my personal files. Anything Word, Excel, or picture is gone. Thus if the pictures below seem less than quality, it’s because I swiped them from my FB account and they are not the high quality full sized versions.

The Great New Years Eve Race 5K

I left for the race about 30 minutes prior to the start. This is because if it wasn’t cold I could walk to the high school from my place. I parked in BFE, which I don’t care and walked inside with Gale’s gift. One of the losses from yesterday…no image. But it was a set of breast cancer awareness coasters I made for her and a sock monkey jogger ornament. Imagine a sock monkey wearing swooshy shorts, a sweat band and an ipod.

We chatted for a while with my sister and saw a few familiar faces. I was able to talk to Paula for a tad, who also had her Turkey Day race gloves. She apparently took a spill on a bike rider earlier that day. Ouch! Be careful lady! We saw Niall who I think always looks like he is up to something, but in a good way. I saw Katrina, but she didn’t hear me call her name (or she was pretending – haha) and I couldn’t reach her for a shoulder tap. And we met up with my friend Liz before the start outside.

The course has always been the same out and back. We start behind the HS and run a little more than a mile down the same road, we go left into a housing development, run down to a turnaround cone, make a right back onto the main street and book it for the HS. The catch in all of this is that there are some nasty hills along the way. I often wonder if these hills would be as nasty in nicer weather. AKA when people are in shape and not living on various forms of refined carbs.

I can only speak for myself, but I had a great time with my sister. It’s still hard for me to not run and in fact we were doing a slow jog the whole time. Mostly running in place with some movement. We hit mile 1 a little over 16 minutes. Eeeip. I really enjoy getting to spend time with her lately. I’ll miss it when I’m back to running if we don’t stay together at races.

Coming into the finish I saw Mickey and he gave me a hard time about not smiling. So I gave him a big cheesy grin with my eyes shut and he gave me a hard time for that! Apparently you need to OPEN YOUR EYES and enjoy your finish line. Sorry if I’m still hung up and not being allowed to run. Although it did occur to me more than once how wonderful it was to even be out there with everyone. And now it is Jan 1, meaning this is the month I get benefits, this is the month for testing, this is the month I come back!

After the race we saw a guy who I keep forgetting his name and I feel terribly about it, but I wanted to mention we saw him. Remember over the summer when I did the hill training for Buckeye? It was the guy I ran with then…and he’s been at CRTR a few times too. Ugg I’m such a jerk. Anyway Gale and I talked to him after we finished and he related to the whole injury = not running and how much it sucks. I guess everyone can to a degree. We also ran into Catherine and who I assume was her fiance? I never did catch for sure. There was also Sheila and Shelby and Kirstie and Kevin to say hello to! We devoured the soup and raisin bread, bananas and apples.

Team Freebie (my favorite team) walked away with a bunch of soup and fruit. I came home and tossed it in the crock pot with my left over veggies from last week and some more water, chicken and soup base. This morning I had amazing soup with plenty of left overs!

The only thing left to do after I arrived at home was snap some shots for the virtual races I took part in…

There was the virtual run for Amanda at Run to the Finish (Home of HBBC).

There was also the New years Eve 5K for Riley at Daily Vitamin F.

I hope everyone else had an amazing new year’s eve too!

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