Ohio Blogging Association January Meetup!

Last night I attended my first Ohio Blogging Association Meet up. I signed up to be a part of OBA last year, and would look forward to the emails from Alicia @ Poise in Parma, but I never drug myself out of the house to attend a function. Instead, I would look longingly at the happy photos fellow bloggers posted in the days following an event and kick myself for not going.

When I saw the email as I left the office yesterday, inviting me to Whole Foods, I knew I did not have a reason to stay home. Sure, I had been away all weekend and still felt “off” from flying. Sure, I went out Tuesday night and would go out again Thursday night, but this was different. This was OBA and this is 2012 the year I stop wondering when my life will become the one I imagine. I am a single career gal with no one but herself to worry about, I can go where I want, when I want with whom I want and last night I wanted to go meet some new blogging friends through OBA at Whole Foods!

I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived, but I was warmly welcomed by Alicia, who either actually recognized my name/blog or is a wonderful actress/hostess. Wearing my name tag I sheepishly made my way to the tables, noticing how I did not know a single face.

After setting my coat on a chair I cozied up to a table of friendly faces. One of the members is a girl I became friends with for the evening, she runs a lovely crafting blog over at Nidhizzle. We had similar takes on life and the night, which made it very fun. She even offered me a blender, although it may have just been the moment talking.

Aside from networking the point of the event was also to get to know Whole Foods. Considering I have never been inside a Whole Foods this task was easy for me. Lisa, the marketing lady (who it turns out lives in the neighboring city to me and felt my commute pain of the night, appx 45 minutes) told us all about the various drinks we could sample and how we would be designing our own pizzas, which they would be cooking in the fire brick oven. Fancy.

I chatted with several other people for the few hours I was there and took our free gift to the back for a fill up. I found myself a nice fruity-flavored item to do the trick. Anyone need to come visit and help me with it?

At the end of the night I was SO pleased I made the journey and got over my fear of not knowing anyone! I had a blast and look forward to the meet up in February. And not just because I should be back to running and don’t have to feel like a “fake” running blogger. Want to join in the fun next time? It’ll be a wine tasting. Follow on facebook for all the details.

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