Letting my roots show

Here is the second part of the information I promised in my last video. How and why did I start this website.

It’s good to remember your roots. Especially after this weekend! It certainly was a busy weekend of networking! I must have found 50+ new sites to follow from teammates. I’d be willing to bet closer to 100 between FitFluential and Tough Chiks. Now don’t get me wrong, I will be giving plenty of love to all my local teams and clubs too as the season moves forward and I have more to say about each and every one of them. I plan to do a series on everything I am a part of to highlight each and explain why I want to be a part of it so much.

Something I learned this weekend and my reactions. 

Many people are concerned about the number of comments they see on their postings. MANY people replied that it matters deeply how interactive you are with other bloggers. If you’re commenting on everything under the sun, you will get more replies. I felt relieved reading this and thinking I am “guilty” of not commenting. I read through a reader on my phone or Google reader online…I can’t always comment. So, to save time and space I only comment when I think I have something important to contribute. Apparently page views and Alexa score matter more. I have NO IDEA what Alexa is? Anyone else? However, my page views have been going up and up. I’m thankful. And about to stop worrying. I mean maybe 10,000 views can get me a free jar of PB, but as long as I’m loving my sport and staying healthy I can buy my own PB. No disrespect intended.

On the topic of being “popular”.

Now I’m going to say something unrelated to my teams, but it’s something that came up this weekend. A list of the Top 100 running blogs for 2012 was posted, most of you have probably caught wind of it. Several of the blogs I follow made the list. I took the time to look at the top 10 though, and no offense, none were my cup of tea. It makes me wonder what criteria is being used? See, I get jealous when I want to be with the cool kids, but then I wonder if it’s worth it. The top 10 blogs are very informative, very up to date and newsworthy. They also seem so impersonal. I didn’t get a sense for the writer at all. For me, I’d much prefer feeling like I’m taking a journey with someone over only ever be exposed to racing tips and news clips. That’s just me though…

Next up…

I can’t wait for this week to be over…not because I don’t like my job or because it’s a 5 day week. It’s because on Saturday morning I will be on a jet plane headed to Kansas City to see my friend Jennifer Fabulous of I Know, Right? Fame! It’s going to be amazing. I have not seen her for about 10 years. How did we get old enough to make that statement? Well, for your viewing pleasure…she’ll probably hate me for doing this…photos from our youth.The first picture doesn’t even look like her…I have this fear it isn’t her and I’ve had my picture captioned wrong all these years. HAHA.

I’m dressed up for a play, she’s probably between costumes?
Another play…trust me I didn’t wear suits& pearls to school. She looks good though!

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