CEP and Tommie Copper Sleeves

Raise your hand if you own and love compression sleeves! Well this girl here certainly has her arms up in the air, but I’ll bring them back down to finish this post. Tonight I want to share with you my experience with CEP Compression and Tommie Copper. I am sharing them together because they are not “competitors” if you look at them my way. Instead they are wonderful partners in the fight against pain and suffering.

Please note, neither of these companies have reached out to me to have me do this, I am simply sharing products I love for my own fun.

Let’s start off with CEP Compression Sportswear

Several years ago I bought my first pair of compression sleeves, I chose CEP because it was the most recognizable brand for me at the time. I liked how they came in different sizes and although at the time I had never had shin splints, I was having issues with my calf muscles and read/heard wearing sleeves for performance or recovery would help.

What is compression wear anyway?

In a nut shell, compression works by effectively delivering increased oxygen rich blood through your veins/arteries. The medical compression where it is tighter at the ankles than up through the calf, means your muscles are going to take longer to fatigue meaning you’re going to have less stress and injury. CEP’s claim to fame is being medically graduated. They add details on how when wet it can decrease temperature by 7 degrees.  Some reports also state wearing the sleeves can decrease running time by 5%, increase blood circulation by 30% and decrease exertion by 6%.

Here is a vlog for a lil review on CEP and how I manage to get in and out of them comfortably.

For those skipping the vlog or looking for more info: I started wearing my sleeves over night after long runs or races. Truthfully I did feel a difference. I was walking and moving more easily and more comfortably much sooner than I had in the past. It also occurred to me, my feet were swelling if I left them on too long AKA over night. Because of this I decided to try wearing them while running and only as recovery if I was going somewhere where I needed to walk. This second part happens A LOT in the summer. Thanks to my sleeves I no longer had to cancel or modify plans because I had an important race the same weekend! Although, I did find when I ran roads it seemed my legs were too warm in the sleeves . CEP sent out a tweet to me once, saying they actually do something where they keep your legs cooler in performance (I did not know about wetting them).

Eventually I found wearing them on the trails was my calling. They keep me protected from the elements and nature, while keeping any pains away while I try to fly over the terrain. This is still the main reason I go to my CEPs, as I now attempt to do ice baths after a long run and that seems to help when I need to get up and walk around. After all, short or skirts + sleeves isn’t always a socially fashionable and acceptable choice. Boo.

Here is a photo of my sleeves:

To get your own pair, visit the website, where you  can find socks, leg sleeves, arm sleeves, various clothing and recovery specific designs. Personally I’m thinking I may get a few others in the bright pink or green.

CEP is also on Twitter and Facebook.

Next we’ll talk about Tommie Copper

Tommie Copper caught my attention through fellow bloggers and Facebook. I have yet to meet anyone in person who uses the sleeves, but many fellow local runners have heard about the line. I finally acquired my pair after winning a giveaway on Megan’s blog at On the Road Again.

TC’s claim to fame is using copper infused yarn in their products. Why is this fabulous? Well instead of having the full compression quality, they are in the recovery market. TC’s are not aimed at aiding performance by wearing them during an event. No, instead performance will improve by having quicker recovery and being at a better baseline when you begin your workout.

The following excerpts from the website better explain why copper is important.

How is copper used in medicine?

Copper has been used in medicine for thousands of years, one of the world’s oldest medical texts, the Ebers Papyrus states, “Treat inflammation with pulverized copper”. Copper also stimulates the immune system to fight infections, to repair injured tissues, and to promote healing. Copper has been shown to neutralize “free-radicals” which can cause severe damage to cells. Symptoms of copper deficiency include osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.
How does the body use copper?

Copper is necessary for the growth, development, and maintenance of bone, connective tissue, brain, heart, and many other body organs. It is involved in the formation of red blood cells, the absorption and utilization of iron, and the synthesis and release of life-sustaining proteins and enzymes. These enzymes in turn produce cellular energy and regulate nerve transmission, blood clotting, and oxygen transport.


Copper stimulates the immune system to fight infections, repair injured tissues, and promote healing. Copper also helps to neutralize “free-radicals” which can cause severe damage to cells.
Symptoms of copper deficiency include osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Although it is not suggested, I have worn mine during performance, as stated in the vlog. I noticed I did not get the cramps or fatigue I normally feel when out on the trails. Now, after doing research for this post though, I am more convinced than ever to use them for recovery only. They are not as noticeable to wear as the CEPs (IMO) due to the different compression styles, so together they make a dynamic duo.

If you want your own pair, you can visit Tommie Copper online, on Facebook or via Twitter. They carry shirts, gloves, arm sleeves, calf sleeves, knee sleeves and ankle specific sleeves. I also love their colors. I own black, but want to get blue or the unusual olive green type color.

One more thing about Tommie Copper, they are VERY customer oriented. They followed me on Twitter when I was barely getting started. They sent me a Christmas card, even though I technically haven’t given them any money. It is gestures like these that make me feel important and makes me more comfortable in supporting a company financially.

For the record here are my Tommie Copper sleeves:

And if you’re curious. Here are the CEP’s and Tommie Copper’s next to each other.

What do you all think? Do you own and wear compression products? Do you prefer to wear them for performance, recovery or both? What brands do you cherish?

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  1. I would like to try one for my arm, however I would also like to try the shirt, due to shoulder pain. I haven't ran this winter, because I do not like the cold, and it makes me hurt more…so I may have to scrap up some money and buy one and see how it works…Thank you for sharing the info!

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    • I have never used their shorts before so I don’t have personal experience. Usually it’s up to the person if they want to wear underwear or not, typically I don’t with other compression short brands.

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