A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Sometimes I feel anxious when I realize I’m the last to adopt a new trend or the last to express a well established idea. Most will recall I didn’t post any New year’s Resolutions. Now as we close out January I am left wondering why I was not inclined to jump on the bandwagon. It occurred to me this weekend, I was struggling with where I was in life and where I wanted to be by the end of 2012. No, I am not questioning my job or my personal life. Shock of all shocks, I was struggling with the SOTFU, State of the fitness union. Err. Yeah.

It’s hard to set goals, when for the last several years so much of one’s life revolved around fitness. Most trips, nearly all important decisions, all tied into races or training. It was a lifestyle for me in every sense of the word and more than I grasped. Looking into the future, not knowing if what I want can still be mine, made me not want to look out into the future. Thursday is the big day though, and after the whole ER trip, I am ready for answers and ready to put this behind me and hopeful it is all just one big hiccup.

What are goals for the new year then? Some of these have already been expressed, but I feel the need to talk about them today.

Ideally, I want to complete a 50 mile or greater race. Yes, I still believe I can do it. I completed Buckeye 50K after only 3-4  months of “serious” training. And that was serious by my standards, which are not too high. If I set my sights on Oil Creek 100K in October, I think it will happen for me.

I’d also like to do a half iron-man. SAY WHAT?! Yes, I want to do 70.3. I loved multisport when I first started working out, but I cut back due to the huge demand on time it requires and the little time and money I had as a grad student.  My hopes are on REV3 at Cedar Point. 1) It’s local 2) I hear wonderful things about it 3) It’s less expensive than the other 70.3 series 4) The Grunt Girls always have people there so I will have my team!

Speaking of teams. It’s time I did more than write their name on a profile and wear their colors proudly. Time I did more than post pictures and send tweets and write stunning reviews on my blog. That’s been fun and that will still happen. However, I want friendships, I want connections. I want to travel and meet people and know who I am meeting. I want to say “Hello and good-day” to friends from afar. When teams are local I want to go to trainings and go to parties and get to know the amazing men and women who share my passion. There’s a whole world out there and it’s not fair for me to want the attention, but not return it equally, or at least with an honest attempt.

I want to take this opportunity as a rest, not a set back. Sure, I’ve been doing this for several years and each year I find my own style. This is my chance to do it all “right” though. My chance to take everything I’ve learned from doing it “wrong” over the years. I get to take every piece of advice I’d give to someone just starting out and use it on myself. How lucky am I in that aspect? If I do this properly I will never know I was in this place come summer. Well at least come end of summer, huh?

And a final reminder: Sign up for the Valentine’s gift or card exchange. Names will go out on the first.

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  1. Julie-

    Great blog, I am definitely going to put you in my reader! I am not too far from you, I am over the PA line in New Castle. My sister and I were also thinking about doing the triathlon at Cedar Point this year, but we would be doing the sprint (it would be my very first!) I am glad to be a part of Team Tough Chik with you!

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