You all knock my socks off!

This seems to be the year to give socks as gifts. Thanks to a general gift swap and a true sock exchange, I now have SEVEN new socks to replace all you have knocked off in 2011 with your tales of success, perseverance and just general mischief.

This year I signed up for 3 different blogger exchanges, as well as hosting my own. I know, remember the FOMO situation?

In no particular order…

I signed up for Courtney’s blogger sock swap over at Third Time’s A Charm Runner

I don’t want to assume anything…since both swaps I was sent socks, however this pair was holiday themed, so I think this is what I was sent for that exchange.

Seriously, I dunno if this SS is just a great guesser or a professional blog stalker, but I LOVE Cadbury eggs. The past 2 Easters I was devastated because they were just a little too tricky to eat with braces (for me). These little babies cure bad days, bad moods, and create world peace. Ha. Anyway, I almost bought some the other night as I am no braces free, but did not…so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUU SS for sending me something so wonderful! I also LOVE the giant softee mints. I don’t know what they’re called, but they’re fun to suck until they collapse in your mouth. And the socks are super cute too. I love how everything matches.

Another exchange I signed up for was from Jill with Run with Jill. Again I am assuming this is the gift which went with this exchange…both of my boxes simply came from SS.

A pack of funky multi colored socks…which is great because when I moved I threw out a lot of my “fun” socks since they were old and nasty and taking up room. It’s good to have some socks with personality. I also was sent a multi pack of drink mixes. If you can’t read the tiny print, and who could, they’re pomegranate, blueberry, peppermint, raspberry and cranberry. Yum! Right? I’m not a HUGE drinker, but they’re non-alcoholic so what I will probably do is mix Sprite or 7up for a fizzy thrilling drink.

The last exchange I signed up for, was a card exchange from Zaneta at Runner’s Luck

We were placed in groups, and I was assigned group Snowflake with 5 other people. So far I’ve only received 4 of my cards, but that’s OK.

Which are from my group?

The bottom left Inspi(RED) card, the left top corner with the tree and deer, the bottom right brown with the quilted star and the the green with cute boxes right above it. The others are friends or family or businesses. Aren’t I popular? Haha. Inspi(RED) also came with a smile pin, the deer came with a crochet star and the quilted star came with a letter (I think I matched the gifts correctly, if not, please forgive).

And on a final note, the exchange I personally hosted, where I have not been sent images yet so I can’t share with you what others have received, but here is what I was sent, by the wonderful Suz of Cows and Lasers and Everything In Between. Ps..she also sent the cute card with the Santa puppies!

It is HUGE and it is GORGEOUS I took so many pictures trying to capture it’s color and sparkle! It makes me feel sad I didn’t get around to putting up a tree this year. Ugg!

Did anyone else do an exchange? Do you think they’re fun? I certainly learned a valuable lesson…ship with flat rate boxes!

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  1. How fun šŸ™‚ I only did one gift exchange, I want to do two next year I think. I love funky socks, and I LOVE cadbury eggs, can't find them right now šŸ™

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