The 12 Exercises of Christmas

Now that we’ve all enjoyed our various forms of food, beverage and general gluttony how do we get back on track?

May I suggest the following 12 moves, in classic sing-song style! Do them once each day to build up to a finale, or try ’em all at once. I chose moves where you do not need equipment, but feel free to include it to take it up a notch. ( ;

On the First day after Christmas, I gave my body…A One minute plank.

Looking for ways to spice up your plank? Check out this article from

On the 2nd day after Christmas, I gave my body…two windmill toe touches.


Remember, add weights (kettle ball if you have it) for extra oomph.

On the 3rd day after Christmas, I gave my body…three basic crunches.


Crunches are one of the easiest moves to make advanced. Try doing a reverse crunch, lifting your legs and knees to yours chest. Perform them on a stability ball. Do a reverse crunch while hanging from a chin up bar. Crunch while holding your legs at a 45 or 90 degree angle.

On the 4th day after Christmas, I gave my body…four pushups.

Many of you already know about the site and app to help you reach 100 pushups, so why not make that a New Year’s Resolution? Yes, it’s OK to start with pushups on your knees, make sure you keep your back straight though! Try doing them against a wall, or on a stability ball or a bench. Try them one handed?

On the 5th day after Christmas, I gave my body…fiiiiiive burpees!


Technically, you can up these by holding weights, but do you need to mess with the burpee?

On the 6th day after Christmas, I gave my body…six leg lifts.

Once you feel you have the hang of this, try lifting your leg to the side too, I think of these as hydrant presses. I’ll let you guess why.

On the 7th day after Christmas, I gave my body…seven mountain climbers.

Each day see how quickly you can do the MCs, Start slowly to learn the form.

On the 8th day after Christmas, I gave my body…eight chair dips.


Yes, it’s true this involves a piece of equipment, but I went out on a limb here and assumed everyone owns something they sit on and can be used for this purpose.

On the 9th day after Christmas, I gave my body…nine glute bridges.

Seems easy enough, but try doing it with one leg extended. Or with both ankles on a stability ball.

On the 10th day after Christmas, I gave my body…ten forward lunges.


Ready to add something other than weights to your workout? If you’re in a safe location, try lunging with your eyes closed. You will feel your balance shift and it will force you to become more in-tune with your body.

On the 11th day after Christmas, I gave my body…eleven squats.

Is this your favorite move? Why not try to work your way up to 200? There’s even a phone app. If you have a stability ball, place it between yourself and the wall as you move up and down. Or hold weights (soup cans) at your sides.

On the 12th day after Christmas, I gave my body…a dozen jumping jacks.

Getting bored? Need to laugh at yourself? Try seal jumping jacks, pictured above from Women’s Health magazine.

I hope you all enjoyed the 12 exercises of post Christmas! Stay fit and let’s go into 2012 with endless possibilities.

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  1. I think since I have to go to work this week it's easier not to skip the exercises. Especially since I go to the gym after work! I forgot about some of these exercises. I'll have to incorporate them tomorrow after work!

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