Running Wishlist

I suppose a person can’t survive the holidays with a wish list of utensils and towels. Or maybe they can?

Part of me was avoiding putting anything sporty on my list since I am so bummed about being on the sidelines still…for now. However, let’s get into the spirit of things. If Santa were to bring me running related gifts what would I want? Or if any of the many gift exchanges I signed up for were looking for an idea…I suppose these ideas would kick things off right! Obviously some of these are way out of the exchange range…those are the Santa gifts! Haha

What I want more than anything and I may have to go ahead and order it myself after the new year, is a personalized necklace from Anne Franklin Designs. I want to submit the logo to my site and have one of her darling redesigned scrabble piece necklaces made from it. Black or purple ribbon. Probably purple. ( ;

If you click on it, you’ll get a larger version (you probably knew that)

I recently discovered and love both of these shirts


There’s a great site for fitness towels. I have a thing for dragons so this red dragon towel from Inperspire is awesome! Not to mention it has my favorite distance on it.

To my utmost horror and sadness, is no longer selling the sparklehearts athletic skirt. That’s OK though, because I really want this patriotic skirt just as much!

Stocking stuffer idea? BodyGlide or TriSlide. You can read about my love of both of these products under one of my reviews. Too bad I can’t stomach GUs yet, they’re a totally easy stocking stuffer!

I don’t need or want shoes. Socks are always welcome as long as they’re not wool. In fact I read a suggestion of knee high fun prints for different races and liked it! I enjoy running related jewelry, but I don’t wear it often. And I’m allergic to perfume so most body stuff and candles are out.

Last, but not least on the objects…a Road ID bracelet. I think if I ever fall off a trail, having important address and phone numbers on my person would be a great move.

Here are two things I want more than anything:

1) I want a clean bill of health next month. I want my heart to be OK so I can get back to doing what I love. I will try not to take it for granted. I will try not to get caught up on looks, and just appreciate moving my feet forward.

2) I want a larger interactive fan base. Yes, I write for me and I enjoy every moment of it. OK 99% of the moments. Yet, I would LOVE to have more frequent visitors who comment and I can comment back to them. I want to be a more interactive portion of this community.

Happy Holidays.

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