Last Call

Folks, today is the last day you can sign up for what I’d like to make an annual event…the Ornament Exchange!

Remember you don’t need a blog to partake, only a love of ornaments and the ability to send one to a new friend.

It is also the final countdown for braces. Next Monday I will be taking an early lunch in order to have my braces removed! Sure, I’ll be in retainers, but those things come out!! And they don’t look nearly as overwhelming. So if anyone has a strange fetish they need to get out of their system…now would be the time to make your move. Ha!

And that is all. Yesterday I went to Mom’s to do laundry and was sucked into Harry Potter. I had seen all of them except the Half Blood Prince, which is why I was up until Midnight. Oy. At least I brought crafts to keep me occupied. Also…why this is a coffee kinda morning. ( ;

One thought on “Last Call

  1. I clicked on one blog post to another and stumbled onto yours. 🙂
    I just got braces the Monday before Thanksgiving and I am excited to “see” some other runner who is also an adult with braces. Ha! Yay for getting them off….

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