Friday Food : Elf Doughnuts

Today’s Friday Food is also a PSA. I’m sure many of you have seen pictures of these cute little “mini” doughnuts on Facebook or Pinterest and thought “How adorable” or “How easy!” I am here to tell you, the second thought could be questionable.

Maybe it’s because I tried to make them later at night? (Most likely) But these little babies were a royal pain in the ol elf hole.

There’s a reason I couldn’t find any images showing how you make them.

Basically, in order to make them, one takes Cheerios and spreads melted chocolate (I read Nutella works wonders) and then spreads sprinkles, powdered sugar, cinnamon, or whatever topping of choice on top.

In my experience the chocolate was difficult to work with, either it was too runny and I couldn’t get a good base or it was too thick and the top became lumpy. User error? Different sprinkles looked terrible too (IMHO) I can’t even justify showing you the pictures. The chocolate with the tiny dots looked the best (middle row), followed by white c. chips and dipped in cinnamon (top two on the left), then the white chips with powdered sugar (top two on the right) and finally the regular c chips with cinnamon (bottom row). I didn’t make any “plain” chocolate doughnuts, although I read that’s an option. I grew tired of dipping and wiping and using a toothpick to grab excess!

I do think if you have kids this is a great idea for them. It should keep them busy for a while if they each make their own dozen. They’ll probably love getting dirty and cleaning their fingers by licking (if you allow that sort of thing, and if you don’t, booooo). Aside from the semi melted chips nothing is warm or sharp. They’ll probably get a kick out of leaving them for Santa’s elves too.

Oh, that’s another thing. It was a major pain to find a small container. I couldn’t find small match sticks or the mini Altoids.) :

Please don’t take this as being overly negative, only as I said a PSA for those who think because they have all the ingredients as leftovers from other recipes this will be “easy”, it may not be as easy as you imagine. True, it didn’t take me much time to make my dozen, perhaps just under a half hour? However, if you’re thinking of making a bunch for a gathering or to give out, you may want to rethink the investment of your time.

I will add, the next morning when I saw them, they looked ADORABLE and I was so glad I made them. I’ll probably try again before Christmas, going in with different expectations of needed patience.

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