Diagnosis : FOMO

How many others suffer from FOMO? fear of missing out. I’ve have found over the years I never experienced symptoms of FOMO in school or my social life. Others have sang their sorrowful tales of pain and suffering and lack of sleep. Where I carelessly did as I pleased and cared little for large busy scenes. My fear was having to attend a function and come up with something useful to say or do if around people I don’t know well.

As luck would have it though! There is an area if my life where I have something to give.  And when others get to be a part of something related to it, I become incredibly jealous. Yes, boys and girls, when it comes to fitness I want it all and I want it now!

Hmm wait a minute. That isn’t FOMO so much as it’s a bratty temper tantrum…so let’s back up

When others join a team, I want in on it. When they do a product review, I want to do it too. Please don’t get me wrong, I never think they don’t deserve it and I rarely think ” I’d do it better”. We are about love and support! Still, I have FOMO and I wonder if I’d enjoy it as much as they do and I wonder how I can do it for myself.Over the years I have been blessed with being a part of various teams, local, virtual or national. Even clubs have helped shaped who I am today.
Team Marathon Bar
Grunt Girl Racing
Summit athletic running club
Cleveland west road runners
Neo trail club
Just to name a few. However, with race requirements and uniforms and costs, when is enough enough?So far for 2012 I have been accepted as a Clever Girl Collective member and a Fitfluential Ambassador. I look forward to being a part of any team for Active Ambassadors.
Which leads to the question local clubs do I pay for? Which virtual teams do I help represent? I’ve also applied to be an Athleta featured athlete, and today I was asking Cleveland Marathon about being an official blogger. Where do I draw the line? And when I find things out from friends or other bloggers, do I try to do it too? Or should I let it be their thing and their thing alone?
As my blog and I continue to grow and find our niche in this wonderful world of fitness, do I HAVE to make choices? Do I ever have to let go for the cost of money or time? I think not. I created this site with the intention of being the every day woman. I wanted to show what the girl next door can do.So if it seems like I’m a part of too many things, then it probably would be too many for you.
However, I believe I take on only what I truly support and honestly believe I can handle. I also take on what I feel is a good return on my time and money. Meaning over time you will see certain teams, clubs or sites drop off my radar and lisitng. Usually it is no hard feelings.That being said…anyone else suffer from FOMO? Or are you more exclusive with your inclusions?

5 thoughts on “Diagnosis : FOMO

  1. I never thought my running/triathlon-ing was shareable. This whole blog/twitter/FB stuff is weird to watch from someone who has been running for 40 years and participating in tris for over 30. Other than to push products I really see no point. And don't give me the “inspiration” thing. You can do that in your own town on a personal level without “sponsors” and “give-aways” IMO. Do it all quietly and on my own for me.

  2. I use to have FOMO, til the year everyone was doing an Ironman and I wanted to as well, for all the wrong reason, not because I wanted to, because everyone else did and I wasted a season because of it, lesson learned

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