Christmas Lights Run 2011

Thursday night I left work and found myself in a semi-mad rush to get ready for the 3rd Annual Christmas Lights Run! I missed it last year, but Becky (sister) and I managed to go in 2009 for the first one.

This year there were A LOT more people, and they had a designated start time for walkers. We lined up with the fellow walkers and readied ourselves for a night of laughter, fitness and caroling. There isn’t much of a story to tell, but the pictures should be entertaining. Plus there’s a ROJ exclusive, first time ever surprise half way into the post.

The first few miles were easy and we only had the walkers together. We were able to see our song books from street lights or battery powered packs others were wearing. We stopped at a few houses or predetermined corners for an official carol or two. One woman had a harmonica, which made “Joy to the World” much much prettier.

At the half way point Becky and I were about out of songs we knew and we were feeling the miles. LoL. We also started to sing quietly our own versions of songs. Such as “The 12 Days of Christmas” replacing all other items with “French Hens”. This is when the runners caught up to the group. We all waited outside of Stan Hywet for the full group to appear. Becky and I called out warnings to passing cars like “Wear your seat-belt” “Don’t drink and Drive” “Give a Hoot Don’t Pollute”. I also took the opportunity to snap a few pictures, apparently featuring Gale. ( ;

And for the first time in ROJ history…I have a video for you!


Yes, that is my sideways face. Yes, that is me you hear singing…the voice that joins in is my sister’s. Yes, there is a reason I don’t get paid for singing.

Here are some photos from inside Stan Hywet.

Back along the last few miles wasn’t as festive. I think people were mostly depleted of singing-spirit and a lot of the walkers must have decided to run it in with the other half of the pack. Becky and I chatted with each other about everything under the sun and once in a while start shouting out a Christmas themed song…although sadly many of the songs we know, we only know the Bob Rivers version.

Back at the ranch start we all gathered around and sang in front of a large tree a final carol and had some group shots (photos).

AFTER that some people had other forms of group shots, but the sis and I retreated to Metro Burger where we partook in deliciousness!

Another successful evening And 4 HBBC points

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