Apartment Warming weekend

Yesterday I held my official apartment-warming adventure. I was very pleased with the number of people who came to the event. It seemed from 2-7 I had people constantly streaming in and out. Which is what I wanted, but I guess I didn’t realize how tiring it would be for me at the end of the day.

In ultimate fail news, I forgot to take pictures of all my friends and family. Oops.

That morning I sent a lot of pictures from Facebook and Picasa to Walgreens to have prints made. When I got there they were all “Your photos are grainy, do you want to see them before you pay”? Which surprised me a lot. Not because I thoughts they wouldn’t be grainy, but for an employee to care and give me the chance to back out. I knew many of them wouldn’t be perfect, but I wanted to hang my frame before the party and didn’t care too much. I was getting a crap ton of photos for under 3 bucks or something like that, yea I can afford to replace them later.

After Walgreens it was over to Giant Eagle for food/snacks. My party was also a Tastefully Simple event and I needed to prep. It was UBER easy to make everything and really not too costly at all. The veggie dip was gone within a few hours and everyone raved about the bread and chocolate pound cake. Mom saved the day by loaning me a beer for the beer bread since I don’t keep that in the house. She also saved the day by helping me load the pictures, level them on the wall and hang my candles in the kitchen. +1 for helpful Mothers!!

So who all showed up? Well, first was my friend Abby. Who I haven’t seen in an insanely long time. You’ve heard her name before. She bikes, we’ve been friends since HS and we were involved with Speech and Debate together.

Next one of my newest friends, Katrina came by. She is a fellow runner and she had an injury that pulled her from a lot of event this year. Now as soon as my heart works again we can train together.

Then it was Liz, who you have heard much about too. We became friends back in HS too, while working at McDonald’s. Ha. We ran the Jack-o-Lantern 5K together this year.

And then there was Heather. I was very excited to see her, since she had some wonderful news to share. She has lost 100 pounds! Amazing, right? I almost didn’t recognize her at my door. I am very proud and happy for her, and yes she is doing it in a healthy way. She is a former supervisor from a previous job I held.

My grandma made an appearance too, feeding Emme all the cheese she could stomach.

(I may be getting out of order here)

Gale came by with Michael, who I have not seen since I think Feb 2011 or it may have been Feb 2010! He used to run with us all the time when I first started. Then he became busy with work and trying to change careers. It was nice to see him. And of course we all know and love Gale, a woman who needs no introduction! ( : I was pleased to be able to give her the 2010 Xmas ornament (oops tardy) a hiker girl with the phrase “Oil Creek 50K” written on the bottom. The hiker girl wears a blue bandana around her neck, just like Gale did on all our training runs. Exactly as pictured, other than the “Victoria”.

My sister stopped over with her dog Howie. Howie was entertained investigating my place, it was his first time over. The pups liked having each other I think. Although both spent most of their time rotating to new laps and being petted.

Alannah came over, which I was happy about too! She’s finishing up in the MA program this semester, so it was hard to keep in touch while she was wrapping things up in Internship, taking classes and working! I’m hoping now that all is said and done we can spend more time together.

Jason came by and brought a fun cranberry wreath. I hung it on the back door and I think it wants to live there for the season. He also exploded chai tea in my microwave. haha. And gave me some pointers on my kitchen layout. Very helpful!

Tom came over and I was pleased to show him what it looks like now that I’m decorated. He helped move me in, so he saw the shell, but he hasn’t seen it as “home”. After the party Tom and I went to Longhorn where I stuffed my face with a cheese and bacon filled filet, a sweet potato, onion peels, a salad and pear margaritas. I hadn’t eaten much for 24 hours, I was eating like it was my job. I have the bill to prove it too! Ouch!

Sam & Scott came over and brought Addy. Addy, who is about 2 and 1/2 was a riot! She was playing with the dogs, and hugging people. When she had a “stinky diaper” and no one knew it yet, Howie was chasing her around, nipping at her diaper. When they figured out why it was even funnier! Of course it was also hilarious when she (Addy) dropped some water on my carpet and tried to clean it up by licking it. (No jokes about my friends’ kid please).

Again it was a wonderful day and I look forward to the many more adventures I’ll be having while living here.

Remember to stop over at the ornament exchange page and sign up if you have not. Sign ups close tomorrow.

Oh and as for as HBBC updates go….

I’m not gonna lie. It was a big fat ZERO last week. I don’t even know how I managed that…unless walking up and down stairs giving a tour all day yesterday counts for anything?

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