Tuesday Temper Tantrum?

I am tired, but having fun. I am in the process of creating two different batches of chili for my work’s cook-off tomorrow.

One type is “Sweet & Smoky 3 Meat Chili” it’s something I am creating totally on my own and time will tell if anyone enjoys it or not. The second is “Sweet Potato Chili” a mesh of recipes I’ve seen around when simply doing a Google Search for the same title. At first I was worried because I almost bought yams by mistake, then it wasn’t boiling down and making the s.potatoes soft!! Yikes. Rest assured, hours later I figured it out and it’s simmering on my stove as we speak. Next to a skillet of bacon for the final meat of my special baby. Oy.

My back hurts, I wish I had someone here to massage it for me. But then I’d feel too happy and my house would burn down because I wouldn’t finish my project.

Let’s face facts shall we? I spent how much money to create batches of chili other people will eat without paying me (fundraiser) with the hopes of maybe wining a $50 gift certificate? I’m crazy. Good thing I work with a bunch of therapists.

Tomorrow is the last day of NaBloPoMo, aren’t you happy there won’t be daily posts? I’m actually a tad sad, I enjoyed blogging just for the sake of it. My readership numbers jumped a lot, too bad the interactive level didn’t increase. I love making new friends. ( ;

OK back to the kitchen I go.

I can’t express enough how much my new kitchen island is amazing! It’s cutting board on top. How cool is that??

One thought on “Tuesday Temper Tantrum?

  1. good luck at the cook-off!!!! definitely hope you win! and i am a tiny bit jealous of your kitchen island…i LOVE to cook and can't wait to have a big kitchen some day 🙂

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