The Too Early To Be Talking About Christmas Post

Sorry kids, but I am going to talk about Christmas. I understand how annoying it is to hear about snow and santa and trees before the turkey and stuffing is even purchased, let alone consumed, but I am excited!

I love the Christmas Season! I love the pretty music, the lights, the smells, the stories and the spirit. I love to buy gifts or make gifts for people. Really, I enjoy the expression on someone’s face when they get a “great” gift more than anything. Knowing I am connected to someone well enough to bring about such a moment of pure happiness is the best gift of all.

If you love buying and getting gifts as much as I do, consider going to Run with Jill’s page and signing up for the 2nd annual holiday blogger gift exchange!

Along the same note of giving, I would encourage everyone to buy one gift this season and donate it to a worthy cause. I can’t say if that cause for you is a company sponsored family, a church, the giving tree or any other variation, but I can say if you’re spending money on “wants” for those you love, consider spending it on “needs” for those without a chance. If you can’t afford to buy extra gifts, consider donating your time…and not just in the winter, but all year round.

Back to more “festive” feelings. Who wants to buy me some gifts?

Here are 3 suggestions, I will add more as I see fit.

1) I have very limited counter space. I would LOVE a kitchen island. However, it is over $1,000. I suppose the one below it is more my speed at the moment and is only $300.

2) I am also in need of a jersey to support my man MoMass

3) As I will be sans braces in 21 days. Please feel free to pay me in gum.

This week is a short/long/short week at work. Today I left at 2 and yes it was awesome. Tomorrow I work from 8-730. No seriously I do. Then I have to go to a meeting right after. Wednesday though I leave at 2 again! Then it’s getting fat on Turkey time and busting a hole in my pants from the friction of using my wallet too much on Friday! Look out economy I have a job!!

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