Race Report : Home Run For The Homeless & Virtual Races

Normally I wouldn’t post more than once in a day. However 1) I need to get this info up for the various Turkey Day virtual runs 2) I am attempting to turn my house wireless tonight…if it does not go well I won’t have a working computer.

Anyway. Yes Becky and I did go to the 4 mile race yesterday. No, I did not run.

We arrived around 8:20-8:30 and despite getting momentarily lost we found the parking deck. This was a Thanksgiving miracle. We rode the shuttle to the start and I was massively nervous we were too late because the 1 mile run had already started. Becky was not worried though and we kept walking along.

She was looking for a place to throw her apple core and asked “Do you know of any public trash cans?”

I replied “I’m pretty sure Akron IS a public trash can”.

Yea, I’m not funny. Anyway, we eventually found a giant banner that said “START” which we decided meant we weren’t lost. We went inside to get our numbers and “free gift”. We honestly could have done this race without paying easily there were minimal steps in place to check for bandits. In a way I wasn’t worried if we couldn’t find check-in, but I was in another way because I was using this race as one for Team Marathon. Below you will see how some people can’t follow directions…nope not me this time!

Our free gift was a pair of gloves, not even worth showing. They were so cheap. Instead of gushing over the swag we sipped water and checked the map. We also scoped out the fruit and all the donations.

Out on the course it was cold at first, but we quickly warmed up. We did jog for a large part of the beginning, but it was a sloooooow jog. My friend John passed me, as did Paula, it was nice to see friends on the holiday.

Before we got to mile one, the lead runner was passing on the other side, having just been to mile 3. Nice.

Most of the route involved Glendale Cemetery which is my favorite place to run each year at the Jack-o-lantern jog. It was a different perspective walking through it and chatting. I was glad I got to spend so much time with my sister, just hanging out. Not watching TV or doing something important, just being there.

At the finish line I ate two doughnuts and took 2 bananas an orange and an apple. I think I embarrassed Becky with my race day grocery shopping.

Official results aren’t posted and I didn’t wear a Garmin, but the clock read about 1:02:xx when I finished. I’m cool with that. Not a PR by a long shot, but I’m learning to appreciate what I can do when I can do it and knowing it could be worse.


So what about these virtual races?

Well one was from Kiley at Daily Vitamin F.

The second I mentioned yesterday, A Journey to Thin, set up the Thankful Healthy Blogger virtual 5K.

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