Nature vs Nurture

This is going to be a quick post, mostly because I want to encourage all of you to share your thoughts.

What do you think influences our development and outcome more, biology or environment?

Personally, I think it’s a mix of both. Spending time with my family this weekend is what made me start to wonder about the mix.

Most of my life I have identified with certain relatives. Partially based on my own observations, partially based on what I’ve been told. One of my relatives I always liked, but I considered her to be closer to my sister. Many family members even commented how similar my sister is to when my aunt was younger. I always thought I was more like my other aunt.

While serving food my aunt started singing “Age of Aquarius” only using asparagus instead. This prompted a conversation with her and her wife about how she is always singing about stuff randomly. I do the same thing. Seriously I am always saying, spend any time with me and it’s like “my life: the musical”. For example, shopping for beans I will starting saying/singing “If I were beans, where would I be? I wish someone would find me and cook some delicious foooood”. No other family members seem to do this to the degree I do and I always wondered where I got it from. Now I’m not saying I inherited things from my aunt…genetics doesn’t work that way…what I am saying it’s nice to know it’s elsewhere in my gene pool.

That is only one example, but like I said…I want to hear all of YOUR stories. Tell me the odd things your blood shares. Or people have taught you.

Are we doomed to have certain traits, no matter the location and resources available to us? Can we overcome the odds no matter the location and resources available to us?

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2 thoughts on “Nature vs Nurture

  1. Haha it's funny how things like that can be inherited! That's crazy!

    I'm pleased to know the origins of my passion for writing. My paternal grandfather was raised in India by a family of doctors and lawyers. But he branched out and moved to Bombay where he became a screenwriter in the film industry. It startled his entire family. He's the only other writer in my family. My mom's side is nothing but farmers and nurses. Lol.

  2. I certainly think it's a combination of both. At least myself, for example. I have my biological mother and father, but my step-father raised me. I spent most of my time around his family because they lived in our town. I am very much like them, in both personality and mannerisms. And one of his daughters, who I have no biological relation to, is very much like me.

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