While catching up with ma peeps the other night via the massive blogroll I accumulated while away from the computer, I came across an interesting tidbit from Julie @ Wearing Mascara. She is taking part in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) a part of the BlogHer network. I scurried over to the page for more details and it seems simple enough. What I mean by this is a lot of times I’ll discover some official monthly thing and it seems all fun and games, but it costs money or asks you to jump through hoops so I steal borrow the idea and do my own version. This time around I’ll try to be legit. And while there are weekly prizes, there are also 1500+ sites listed on the blogroll with more added daily until Nov 5th.

Each day you are supposed to create an entry on your blog. They offer a daily prompt, or you can march to the beat of your own drum. Now, not every day I’ll need a prompt or like what they have posted, but I did like the first of the month’s. What was it?

What is your favorite part about writing?

For me writing and blogging are two very different things. I enjoy each in their own way and appreciate how I can combine the two, but they are still exclusive. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. When I was younger (as in Kindergarten age) I would write my own alphabet books because I thought those at school or that I owned were too boring. My Mom would always tell people if you handed me paper and a pencil I would entertain myself for hours simply writing stories.

My favorite thing about the writing process is how engaged I feel during it. My mind is on overdrive, I can’t get the words out quickly enough, and everything around me disappears. It is like a scene from a romantic movie where the dance floor fades, nothing in those moments is as precious to me as the process of developing my tale. In school I would be accused of procrastinating, and while that is true to a degree, it was not laziness or poor time management that lead to the late night paper writing. It was because it drove me nuts to write in bits and pieces. When I started I wanted to write until it was complete. It didn’t matter to me if I wrote 3, 4 or 100x as much as anyone else and had to rewrite the whole paper again and again and again. I needed the completed document; I needed to not be disturbed during my process. So I would wait until the final moments, then my ‘voice’ was the same throughout. My frame of mind and emotions greatly influences my writing tone and I am a very conversational writer.

The final part of the above section indicates why I love blogging. I hate all the rules associated with most forms of writing. The further along in school I progressed the more they cared about the process and not the content. It didn’t matter if I had a creative or complete thought in my head as long as the place I copied from was cited in proper APA or MLA style. When I first considered college I wanted to be a journalism major. I LOVED writing for my school paper and the idea of one day working at a real paper excited me. My first round of applications even listed me as a communications major. After touring a few schools it sank in that college wasn’t a way to escape the rules and regulations of a HS paper, it was a road to stricter guidelines. I decided from that point on I would always write, but I would probably never see a penny from it.

It is still my dream to one day write and publish a book. Although I have no idea when I would find the time or topic. I still have rough drafts of books I wrote when I was in middle school. What was probably advanced skills for a 10 year old are not what I need to claim as a 27 year old. I write fiction and non-fiction, I write prose and poetry. Words on paper just excite me to an unreal degree. All my life I’ve kept some form of a journal. Maybe it was a little pink booklet tucked under my pillow, one of the many Live/Dead/Open/Whatever journal.coms of the early 2000’s, or in some ways this blog. There’s a comfort and safety in print. Being able to look at what someone created and find a way to relate it to yourself. Having that split second of connection with another person without trying or seeing them. I enjoy being on the creation side of the equation. No matter how low my self esteem dipped over the years I always believed and was always told I am a talented writer, it is a strong source of identity to me. Even if the world woke up tomorrow unable to process the written word (except for me) I would still write. For myself, for comfort, for entertainment, for a way to kill time, for historical documentation. Writing serves so many wonderful purposes.

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