It’s only been a week? Pics of my new place!

It is beyond wonderful to be back up and running on the world wide web. It may be my favorite form of running.

As I mentioned I took a big step in my future last week and moved. No one will recall I have lived on my own before, since it was pre grad school #1 and pre running career, but this time things felt different. Everything was better, it was completely on my own terms. I was overly picky for weeks (months, years) before because I knew what I wanted and I knew what I didn’t want to skimp on. Of course I am beyond in love with my new place. The crowning achievement? I was 100% out of boxes after the first week! Now some of you will debate that there are boxes in my house. For those who feel the need to point this out I say, boxes meant for storage are not an issue. For example, I obviously am not going to have my Xmas decorations out and about yet. Nor am I going to display piles of movies when I don’t own an entertainment center yet. So say what you will, but I say having all essentials out in week one is pretty damn impressive. Here are the photos from my second Sunday in paradise.  In no particular order, because I’m lazy and Blogger ticks me off

How does it feel? It feels great! I am stressing left and right about getting all the bills in my name and changing my address, but once I get month #1’s totals I can plan and budget a lot better. The house sat empty for a year before I moved in so they couldn’t give good utility estimates. Prior to that it was occupied by a family of 4, again not exactly my consumption level. We shall see. It’s amazing though to have all this space to myself. To have things right where I want when I want all the time. To not ask about other people’s opinions (although I do) to go to sleep and stay asleep because I’m the only one making noise. To wake up and listen to the radio as I get ready because I’m not disputing anyone. Little things I never knew I cared about are making me smile.

Also, with the internet back I have about 1 million and 2 TV shows to catch up on. THANK YOU HULU AND FX for allowing me to continue watching American Horror Story. HOLY EFF.

Tonight I attended a Toastmasters meeting, why is this newsworthy? I am now an officer, Vice President of Public Relations. One of the club officers has stepped down and I had this crazy idea to take over/step in. I’ve grown a lot as a speaker, and this is a chance to grow as a leader. I know it’ll be hard, but I can only do my best anyway, right?

I will return tomorrow with tales of the sweaty variety.

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  1. Passion, Inspiring and Uplifting. I just started reading blogs and peoples stories. Being a CC,CL with Toastmasters I've learned everyone has a story worth sharing. I will share yours with my granddaughters….

    Go Girl
    John C

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